How to do makeup in the style of the 1970s

How to do makeup in the style of the 1970s
 Fashion 70's of the last century will be remembered thanks to style icons - Liza Minnelli and Catherine Deneuve. You too can try on the image of a fatal beauty. It is not necessary to look for vintage clothing. Enough to make a make-up in the style of the 1970s.
 Prepare the skin for makeup. Spread the moisturizer or fluid. If necessary, align the color tone cream and hide flaws using concealer. Under the lower eyelids, apply three drops of concealer and fingertips, rub them into the skin. To a sufficiently large amount of makeup stay longer on the eyelids lightly powder the them.

Create the effect of a fatal glance, you can use eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. The second option would be to look more bright, so you should use it for the evening out. Draw a line of black or dark brown color along the upper eyelid. The inner corner of the eye line should be fine, close to the outside - to expand. Draw an arrow beyond the century - it should be fine and fairly short. Try to make the line as close to the lashes, one movement. Lower eyelids also want to select. Here, the line starts from the center century and ends at the outer corner.

Shadow makeup style 1970 should be fairly saturated colors. Are suitable, such as shades of dark chocolate or wet asphalt. Use three different shades of the same color. "Middle" saturation applied to the inner and central part of the century, the darkest - from the middle to the outer corner. The border between the two colors blend applicator on the outer corner of the "blur" color so that it is eroding along the arrow.

The distance between the upper eyelid and eyebrow fill the lightest shade, the amount should be minimal. Pencil on the lower eyelid slightly smudge brush with the addition of the "average" color. Eyelashes nakraste two layers of mascara, increasing the amount.

Makeup in the style of the 70s provided "sculpture" outline of the face. To do this, choose a natural blush beige shade slightly darker than your skin. Distribute them along the cheeks, "pulling" the line up.

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