How to choose the right eye makeup

How to choose the right eye makeup
 If you wanted to enhance the beauty of your eyes, and the time to visit the various salons absolutely not, choose eye makeup can be yourself. Doing this is quite easy, you just have to take into account some of the nuances.  
 It is very important to choose the right kind of eye makeup, because it is performed depending on the application: it can be an evening makeup, makeup for the wedding, make-up for a photo shoot or a simple day makeup. A huge number of species. And each has its own characteristics that must be considered.

Almost every girl performs evening make-up before going to the cinema, theater, going on a date or just for an evening stroll. The main function of the make-up is the attraction of the views of the opposite sex to your face. Here you can use bright colors, thick overlay shadow and mascara, decorative elements (crystals and sparkles).

In the evening make-up is important method of applying makeup. During its execution, also need to choose the right color palette. This is very important, because the artificial light, for example, in a restaurant on a romantic date, can not stress your color scheme, but on the contrary distort the colors. And thus spoil your appearance and impression of you.

If want to see and day of your eyes could not break even casual passers-by, you should perform the daily makeup. For this kind of eye makeup natural fit and is soft palette that will subtly emphasize only your strengths, makes it easy to focus on the eyes and lips. Makeup should not be too bright or flashy.

It is also important to consider the shape of the eye incision. After all, makeup should emphasize your strengths, make beautiful eyes and help hide the deficiencies. For example, if the eyes are large and prominent, it is necessary to visually reduce their size, and not vice versa. And if your eyes are narrow or small, they must visually enlarge. Also the color of makeup must be in harmony with the color of the eyes.

Remember that the more you practice the implementation of make-up, the more beautiful and more professional each time it will get, so do not be discouraged if at once that something does not work.

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