How to apply makeup base

How to apply makeup base
 Application framework helps align your skin, hide minor imperfections and defects and prepare for the main face of makeup. If you want to divert attention from the problems of the skin, do make-up perfect, you have to apply foundation makeup.

As a basis for make-up can be a foundation, primer, masking compositions. The correct choice of color bases depends on how evenly and smoothly lay down blush, whether imperceptible loose powder.

Prepare your skin - to clean and moisturize. Moisturizing cream should be light and non-greasy, apply a thin layer. Blot with a paper towel face by removing excess cream.

The main rule applying foundation - uniformity. Many women think that there is nothing wrong to cause the foundation hands - it's faster and more convenient. From this method of applying makeup can be obtained from the band NOT, or too thick smeary sites. Only applied with a cosmetic sponge base, lies flat, and will not be contrasted with the natural color of the face and neck, and will be invisible and transparent.

Choose a sponge made of natural latex - its fine pores allow natural make-up. The sponge should be clean. Attach a piece of sponge to the tonal resources, dial slightly and squeeze the edges of the sponge, as it were, to allocate funds inside. Presses the sponge to the skin neat point movements, without stretching the skin and rubbing the foundation.

Apply makeup base should be from the forehead to the chin. Take care that there was no clear boundaries between the tracks and clean skin and processed face. If you still had to put means hands, then type in the palm of a little foundation and apply to the face with small dots. If there is a need, then apply foundation in several thin layers - a makeup looks more natural than the one caused by a thick layer of foundation.

Masking the areas under the eyes, use a small brush - Apply correcting means light strokes. Dab concealer cloth, because the extra cream can hide in wrinkles, making them visible.

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