Black Lipstick

Black Lipstick
 Fashion, as we know, capricious and changeable. And sometimes it turns out, as in the story Taffy "Life and collar": not a woman to control things, and the things she twirl as they please. So we can say not only about clothes or shoes, but also about makeup. Modern trends are increasingly dictate fashionistas extravagant, even radical solutions. One trend that has gained wide popularity in this year, was ... black lipstick.

For the first decade of emphasis on black clothes and make-up experts in high fashion noticed back in 2008. Then the "grim" make-apom lipstick and black and dark brown shades distinguished shows such internationally famous fashion houses, like Gilles Decon, Yves Saint Laurent, Luella. That designers and makeup artists who work with these brands, set the tone for fashion trends in make-up, which in a short time became a real trend. If earlier black or too dark lipstick shocked, seemed vulgar, and even calling someone a bogey, then eventually hits 2008 high fashion announced this bright touch to the makeup is very stylish.

Following the opinion of such prestigious designer company for the production of cosmetics immediately seized on an excellent idea in terms of profits and rushed to create exclusive options black lipstick. On the world market there was "mourning" products from Lancôme, Kat Von D, Poppy King, Lipstick Queen and, of course, Yves-Saint Laurent Beauté. Black lipstick began to enjoy incredible popularity, and when Lancôme just started announced the release of the black lip gloss, potential buyers and wholesalers simply overwhelmed firm orders, so that the entire print run sold out of fashion goods turned out almost to the exit in the shops.

More popular black lipstick provided sensational photo shoot with retro images of Leighton Meester and Kim Kardashian. Among the "star" of fans of the new trend to "mark" outrageous Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and model Agyness Deyn. However, judging by the reviews online Russian fashionistas, hardly black lipstick accustomed in our country. And indeed, at work or school black lipstick does not make up for an interview - especially on a night out and are unlikely to understand adequately. There are intimate option - in bed with a loved one, but that's sort of shocking how little face would not discourage a lifetime ...

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