Beautiful without makeup

Beautiful without makeup
 Make-up - a real salvation for women. Skilled make-up is able to hide anything: signs of fatigue, age-related changes, bad mood. But you know something that is beautiful in itself, that no make-up can not overshadow the natural beauty.  

Begin to love yourself without makeup. Let's start with washing. Forget about the tap water, replace it with cool water thawed. It is also good to wipe the skin with ice cubes.

Be sure to use tonic. Face cream will let cool. You will not notice how in a few days without much effort will go bags under the eyes and signs of fatigue disappear.

Often toning and moisturizing the skin. About the tonic we have said, now wetness. In addition to using the classic moisturizer, do not forget about the water. Water is necessary skin in all its manifestations. As often as possible spray face, now you can buy ocean, sea water in special cans. Place the bag in a water bottle. And drink, drink more often. You need to drink at least two liters of water a day. All this is bound to affect the skin.

Do not forget about the masks that fit your skin type: kefir, honey, egg.

Take care of the eyebrows and eyelashes. Give your eyebrows shaped, energize eyelashes special structures. Twisted eyelashes, so even without mascara they will look well-groomed.

Clean, well-groomed, well-coiffed hair will give your appearance an additional charm.

If you do not make up completely fails, give preference to natural makeup. Apply a make-up - a real art, but they should possess every woman. Cosmetics - not a mask, it is not necessary to hide themselves.

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