Proper care for problem skin

Proper care for problem skin
 Proper care for problem skin make it radiant and healthy, age-related changes and adjusts get rid of wrinkles, remove acne, acne and marks on them. Provide your skin proper care, then fighting its shortcomings will not require you a lot of effort.
 Problem facial skin gives a lot of trouble its owner. Rough skin texture, shine and enlarged pores can quickly stick dust and dirt clogged pores, resulting in blackheads appear - black dots. Contaminated pores give rise to acne. This gives the skin a lot of trouble, may cause a bad mood and psychological discomfort.

The main and most important rule of care for problem skin - regular cleaning, which is recommended twice a day - morning and evening before bedtime. That way you can get rid of excess sebum accumulated on his face. Carefully and gently cleanse the skin with cleansing milk and special gels.

By the way, modern beauticians recommend to buy a soft brush of natural cloth and apply cleanser cosmetics using it on your face. Motion at the same time should be massaged and soft, does not cause discomfort and injure the skin. The optimal water temperature for washing should be 36, 5 ° C. After using the funds recommended to wipe the face tonic, designed specifically for problem skin. This will remove the final remnants of dirt and helps narrow pores. The skin will look smoother and fresher.

Try not to squeeze or open acne, inflamed acne and closed comedones. Otherwise you will damage the skin and cause more inflammation, there is also a risk of infection and scarring. If you can not cope with his desire to settle accounts with rashes on the face, refer to a beauty salon to an experienced beautician who will do a deep cleaning.

But this does not mean that you can not carry out deep cleaning at home. Use exfoliating scrubs twice a week. But here it is important not to overdo it, because the more you'll be spending this kind of procedure, the activity becomes the sebaceous glands. Decoction of chamomile treatment after a deep peel is an excellent antiseptic that will soothe the skin and disinfect.

Problem skin care involves the application of nutrients and dries the masks that will help rid the skin of greasy and make it healthy and matte. To prepare the mask you need medium cucumber that must grate and mix with one teaspoon of honey flower. Apply the prepared mixture evenly on clean face and neck. After half an hour rinse with lukewarm water and apply a nourishing cream on water base.

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