Mask for the face of bananas

Mask for the face of bananas
 Wealth of trace elements and antioxidant properties make bananas wonderful foods for skin. Prepare a mask of banana at home is easy, you only have to consider the type and condition of the skin, as well as to comply with the necessary proportions with other components.

Anti-aging mask with banana smoothes the skin, reduction of wrinkles, intense hydration. Has a rejuvenating effect mask with banana, yogurt, honey and oatmeal - the resulting mixture should smear the face. Banana must first mash with a fork until mushy state. Wrinkles mixture of heavy cream and banana, and if you add to the egg yolk mixture, then get a mask that improves skin elasticity.

Enhance skin elasticity mixture of mature banana, cucumber and vegetable oil. Selective effect on wrinkles has a mask of mashed banana starch and cream - with regular repetition of such therapy can significantly smooth out wrinkles and creases. Even if you just apply the pulp of ripe banana on your face every other day for a month, you can get a good result - smoothing wrinkles and constant hydration.

Mask for oily skin contain astringent components - lemon juice, egg white, a mixture of herbs. Banana acts as a source of nutrients, and the basic structure of pores and whiten skin.

Dry and normal skin also needs additional nutrition and hydration. Banana mask with honey actively nourishes the skin with moisture and trace elements, and a mixture of any dairy product with banana eliminate dryness and give the skin a velvety.

In winter, the skin lacks the vitamins and nutrients, so additional power can not hurt. If you mix the pulp of banana with any fat cream, add a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil, you get valuable mask with moisturizing effect.

If we add to all mask a few drops of vitamin A and essential oils, the compositions can be enhanced. Bananas are universal product for feeding any type of skin, so that the component with a mask can be done two or three times a week, changing the other ingredients.

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