Face, hair, figure - do it herself!

Face, hair, figure - do it herself!
 For all its uniqueness appearance is not always pleased with its possessor. But women have learned to work on such a natural material as your own face and body, and skill to transform itself into a work of art they have no equal.
 Not so hard to shine in the evening chic dresses with gorgeous makeup is much more important - a daily surprise and delight family and surrounding glow eyes, fresh skin, slim figure, shine and keep all this wealth for a long time.

Plastic surgery and cosmetics allows you to feel fully Cinderella: first you do the way you want to see yourself, but then inevitably strikes midnight, with all its consequences.

Only the natural beauty of a truly valuable. But, oddly enough, is given to us is not so much the nature of how many years of daily hard work on himself.

Face, hair and figure - not on the list of minor elements, each requires attention. In the woman all should be fine, and it can achieve this by itself. The reflection in the mirror did not disappoint, take the time to themselves. Come home, turn on your favorite music and enjoy a most important and favorite thing!

Start with the person. Caring for them consists of three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. And do not try to save time some miss - as in any other case, to work on a need to follow the rules. Always remember the main goal, choose the funds that will not dry the skin, on the contrary, thanks to special components can improve its elasticity. These qualities have cosmetics company DeSheli. The secret of a delicious action cleanser Cleansing Milk - a unique natural ingredients in its composition - lotus, figs, ginseng. Loaded with vitamin A in addition, it gently cleanses and maintains moisture balance. Tool is designed specifically for women over 35, whose skin needs special care and attention.

Really only useful toners containing no alcohol and flavoring agents. For example, Phyto Tonic from DeSheli. Its composition - a hymn to fly: witch hazel extract, sage, ginkgo, Centella Asiatic, blueberry, rose, lotus roots of licorice and ginseng. He gently and effectively nourishes the skin, since the work to be complete cream.

In the summer is better to choose a means of protection from the sun's rays. DeSheli offers moisturizing day cream SPF 15 Crystal Youth Anti Age. Apply it on your face gently, as if performing a delicate hand work. Light percussive movements spread cream on the main directions: from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the base of the nose to the ears, from the chin to the ear lobes, from the corners of the mouth to the ears.

After graduating with a person, pay attention to your hair. Black as a raven's wing, flowing and shining like gold, fiery red, natural or dyed, straight or curly, long or short - they always attract the attention of men. But only well-groomed and shiny hair can really captivate. No matter how you were proud of their natural color or your skill stylist, only with daily care of the hair will retain its beauty. Pick up a set of tools: shampoo, conditioner, mask, fluid - and do not leave them to gather dust on the shelves in anticipation of the completion date. Regularly use all - let this be your good habit.

Well-groomed face, beautiful hair and perfect figure .... Healthy eating and sport - such as fixture of life of the modern woman as cosmetic bag, cell phone and computer. But do not reject and achieve cosmetic companies - it seems that now for them, nothing is impossible. Thus, the gel Crystal Youth Anti Age of DeSheli can not only moisturize, make the skin firm and elastic, but also generate contour lines. By using it in combination with a reducing massage, you will soon notice how he will adjust all the flaws.

As you can see, your beauty could be just a matter of your hands. And your main reason for pride themselves.

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