Crimson mouth

 It should be expressive, but at the same time gentle, smooth and velvety. It should stand out and seduce men surrounding you.

The secret seductively beautiful lips - in the proper care of them.

Did you know that when we talk, eat and laugh, the average mouth is opened our beautiful 15,000 times a day?

Our lips are particularly sensitive because they do not have sebaceous glands and do not contain keratin. They are greatly influenced by food, cold, heat and sunlight. This means that the lips every day grow old and therefore require a separate, especially careful maintenance.

Gentle and caring attitude

• Do not bite your lips. This leads to the appearance of small cracks through which harmful bacteria enter the skin, which often leads to inflammatory processes.

• Do not lick tongue lips to moisten them. So you only make things worse - lips were cracked and start to peel.

• Pleasant massage with a soft toothbrush will improve blood circulation and relieve female lips of dead skin flakes.

These three points you should keep in mind as your own name. Who constantly performs these three rules can count on beautiful lips.

Right care

With a choice of lipstick unfamiliar firms beware. Remember that not every lipstick can come to your lips. In recent years there have been a lot of fake cosmetics. The use of cheap oil allows the lipstick quickly penetrate the skin of the lips. We begin to lick her tongue. This leads to liver damage and causes inflammation. Avoid cheap lipsticks: remember that for human health - this is important.

Another two hundred years ago lipstick produced only from natural products: from butter, beeswax and currants (raisins of dark small sweet grapes without seeds). This lipstick was very pleasant to the taste, but kept on the lips is not long. Today is present in the composition of lipstick lanolin made based on sheep fat. Thereto was added honey, paraffin, castor oil, and various organic pigments.

Lipstick appeared not today and not even five hundred years ago. It has evolved a very long and a long way. Today, it is simply impossible to imagine a woman whose purse is not lying to lipstick.

Woman and Lipstick - these concepts are inseparable

Lipstick first appeared 3500 years BC. In the caves of pre-Ice Age have been found rods that were used for coloring the lips.

In ancient Egypt, to visually lips seemed less Egyptians used the bright and dark colors of lipstick.

Cleopatra used the lipstick, in which included red ocher. And Nefertiti - lipstick with mother of pearl, derived from sea shells.

In France during the second half of the eighteenth century produced lipstick for men only. And in the early twentieth century lipstick used only women of easy virtue.

Lipstick in its modern form first appeared in the US in 1915 on sale in the form of a tube. It is to this day remains the most popular means of decorative cosmetics.

Soft pale pink lipstick colors will hit the stores in 1935. It was released by "Lancome".

Pleased women in 1947. There was a lipstick, non-marking.

We paint the lips every day and never think, whether we do it. After all, the lips of every woman have their own special form. And with the help of lipstick, you can either hide their shortcomings, or, conversely, to emphasize them.

Legendary Hollywood women Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich have created with the help of cosmetics his image.

Audrey Hepburn:

contours of the lips with a pencil to make them appear larger.

Marilyn Monroe:

her lips were plump and always seductive. To achieve this effect, she applied lipstick three different color tones, and then covered with a mixture of petrolatum with a wax.

Marlene Dietrich:

so that the muscles of the mouth were pulled, it often sucked a lemon. Lip pencil contours, thereby changing their contour.

Brigitte Bardot:

swelling of the lips sensual she emphasized light, almost colorless lipstick and light touch vaselined wool that allows for enhanced optical effect.

Small tips for women:

• industry offers women a huge selection of cosmetics. Today without any problems, you can buy only one lipstick or set of various accessories designed for lip care.

• you can put on lipstick in one color or use several lipsticks simultaneously.

• Many women should not be applied on the lips only one lipstick. Better to do it in conjunction with a special contour pencil. This will make your mouth a little more. Just remember: you can overdo it, and then your lips are already not appear natural.

• stroke should always be darker than the lipstick. But very dark pencil does not fit to the light lipstick. This makes the older woman.

• When using two colors of lipstick, you must first apply one, wet lips with a napkin, and only then apply another lipstick. Then it lasts longer and looks neater on the lips.

RememberThat painted lips talk about you without words.
Emphasize your individuality!

Author: Sofia Kazhdan

Tags: mouth