What to do with the first wrinkles?

What to do with the first wrinkles?
 Over time, the skin begins to fade, her wrinkles. The age at which they occur, depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, the degree of your care for her, from ecology. But whenever there were the first wrinkles, they inevitably upset women.

What to do at the first signs of skin aging? In the first place, it is necessary to carry out their enhanced prevention of recess. Watch your diet and use creams for your age and skin type.

It is also important not to overload the facial muscles. Once again not schurtes not curve your mouth, do not frown eyebrows and forehead. Spend contrast washing and do toning facial massage. Not necessarily to go to expensive salons, elementary self-massage will be extremely useful.

If you have outlined the first folds of the skin - it does not mean that you can stop to follow the above recommendations. On the contrary, they should still be carefully observed while changing his cream on a special cream to fight wrinkles.

Well, if you have not one universal cream, and a separate day and night. Modern cosmetology offers a wide variety of tools for the skin having peeling and lifting effect. Combine cream shop with masks made at home according to the recipes of traditional medicine.

Do not rush to turn to plastic surgery and Botox injections or face-lift. First wrinkles are not so striking as you might think. It you look at yourself in the mirror and critically considered from a very close distance. And your interlocutors see you from a greater distance, and are unlikely to notice changes in your face.

In addition, properly chosen hairstyle and make-up done correctly will help to visually align the texture of the skin. For example, the wrinkles on the forehead bangs able to hide. With regard to corrective make-up, the first thing to take care of sufficient hydration. When it is dry, wrinkles become pronounced.

Use fat-free cream color tone of your skin. Apply it on the face, avoiding the nasolabial folds, otherwise the foundation will provide even more wrinkles. Making sure that there are no abrupt changes in color, apply the cream evenly and carefully shaded it.

Do not use powder to mask the wrinkles around the eyes, give preference cream corrector. Use eyeliner only for the upper eyelid, and avoid fatty shadows. They will be scored in the folds of the eyelids, and thereby focus on wrinkles.

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