Steam baths - "spring-cleaning" of the face

Steam baths - "spring-cleaning" of the face
 Cleansing the skin with steam baths and efficient procedure is included in the skin care complex of any type. Cleaning of the face on a weekly basis - through the open pores removes toxins, toxins, the skin becomes healthy.  
 The essence of the steam baths is the impact of hot steam on the skin pores. In addition to the cleaning effect, steam baths allow satiate skin cells with oxygen, rejuvenate them, to strengthen the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Cell metabolism is accelerated, they quickly updated, allowing you to keep skin young.

Skin type determines the regularity of the procedure - dry skin can steam out no more than once per month and the duration of the procedure in this case should not exceed three minutes. Steam baths are especially needed oily skin - it can be cleaned weekly, and the duration of exposure to steam ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. Combination and normal skin can be cleaned a couple of times a month.

If the pores on your face too extended, are visible manifestations of rosacea or you suffer from high blood pressure or asthma, then from the procedure is better to abstain.

The technology of steam baths simple - Prepare a container with water, put it on the fire, bring to a boil and throw it a mixture of dried herbs. Steam baths with herbs allow faster to reveal the pores, increasing the action of steam, incidentally having more and disinfectant properties. Your skin should be clean, hair is better to remove a cap, and on the eyelids and lips should cause fat cream. Sit down on a bowl of water, cover with a towel and breathe steam a few minutes, his eyes closed. When you feel that the skin enough to steam, remove the towel and wipe the face with a damp cloth or wash with thermal water. A bit like waiting until the skin is cool, then put on the face nourishing mask.

If skin is oily, then after a steam bath, clean the pores, removing the largest kamedony and cork. Wrap your fingers gauze soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and gently pressing on the skin, treat the places where black dots. Do not squeeze the red and inflamed pimples. Then the skin should be disinfected antibacterial lotion and put on her mask tightens pores. The last stage - apply a light nourishing cream.

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