Quick Skin Care Eye

Quick Skin Care Eye
 That skin around the eye is most sensitive and delicate to the entire face, under the skin has virtually no age subcutaneous fat and muscle, therefore it is prone to rapid stretching. Here there are the first age wrinkles. Even if you are still very young, and the skin around the eyes is in excellent condition, do not neglect the care of her.
 The skin around the eyes requires constant care, which includes moisturizing, cleansing and toning. To remove makeup, use a special cosmetic milk. Modern facilities are two liquids (immiscible): the upper layer contains light oil, which helps to remove waterproof makeup, and the bottom - soothing extracts, which removes the usual cosmetics and removes irritation. It is not recommended to use fatty means for removing makeup women wearing contact lenses. In this case it is necessary to abandon the waterproof mascara and use fat-free lotion.

The basic rule to cleanse the skin around the eyes - daily and unconditional removal of make-up. In no case did not go to bed with makeup on his face. When removing make-up movements should be soft, it does not try to stretch the skin. Moisten two cosmetic disk or cotton swab cleaning agent (milk) and apply to the eye area for 40-60 seconds. Then gently remove makeup, moving from the inner to the outer edge of the eye.

For hydration and nutrition, use special creams, gels or lotions for the skin area around the eyes. They have perfectly absorbed into the skin and have anti-allergic properties. Creams are more suitable for dry skin as make up the loss of lipids and smooth wrinkles caused by lack of moisture. Lotions can be absorbed thanks to its light composition, they make the skin smooth and shiny. Gels are more useful and effective, especially if your eyes are prone to swelling, have increased sensitivity, and you do not wear lenses.

Rules for placing funds for the skin around the eyes

Apply the cream is recommended to ring finger, as it is considered to be the weakest. Rub the composition is very easy, subtly moving in a circular motion along the massage lines around the eyes. If you have circles or bags under the eyes, do faint tapping fingertips, stimulating blood circulation and helping to better penetration of the cream.

If your eyes are swollen after sleep and appearance of dark circles, use a cooling gel to the plant extract or tea tea bags. To do this, pour two tea bags in hot water and refrigerate. Then attach them to the eyelids and leave for ten minutes, apply a moisturizer.

Cook at home nourishing eye cream that helps smooth fine lines and cope with fatigue eye. Take a teaspoon of liquid flower honey and mix with the same amount of glycerol. Add five tablespoons of mineral water and a teaspoon of powdered gelatin. Place a container with the mixture in hot water for ten minutes, then again all mix and whisk better. Use the cooled mass as a cream to the skin around the eyes, which can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.

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