How to cure acne skin

How to cure acne skin
 Acne causes discomfort and psychological distress. When they occur very quickly want to get rid of them - to remove. However, to do cleaning and other beauty treatments are best left to the professionals. At home, treat your skin from acne, you can use masks and rubbing therapeutic agents.
 Along with the treatment of acne should be eliminated and their causes. The most common of them - this age-related hormonal balance, increased levels of androgens during puberty, an increase of steroid hormones before menstruation, hyperkeratosis, vitamin A deficiency, prolonged skin friction, lipid metabolism, unbalanced diet, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stress, genetic predisposition, improper skin care and many others. Most accurately determine the cause of the problem will help a dermatologist, cosmetologist.

The simplest and most effective method of treating acne are compresses, baths and rubbing herbs. So, to wipe the skin irritations, acne, pimples and subcutaneous fat skin ointment use of aloe tree. For its preparation is cut a few leaves of aloe and leave them in a dark, cool place for 10 days. After that, the leaves are ground to pulp, pour boiling water, boil and filter.

When subcutaneous pimples and acne can make lotions from the infusion of marigold flower clusters. To do this, a tablespoon of dried inflorescences pour ½ liter of boiled water, insist in a dark, cool place for half an hour. The mixture was then filtered, cooled and rubbed his face with.

Reduce fat person and will help relieve irritation infusion of hypericum.

Infusion of sage leaves with honey is used in seborrheic dermatitis, to quickly cleanse your face from acne, the treatment of acne. To make it, need 1 tablespoon of sage leaves, a glass of boiled water and half a teaspoon of honey. The mixture was heated in a water bath insist, filter and wipe her face 3 times a day.

Normalize metabolic processes of the skin helps camomile tea.

Effectively help to get rid of acne mask of blue clay, vegetables, tea, oatmeal, eggs. For example, a mask of cucumber will help get rid of acne and lighten the skin. The basis for the mask to do so: cucumber Grate, pour boiled water, insist 20 minutes in a cool place, and chilled mass spread over the face for ten minutes.

In the treatment of acne, it is important to follow a diet. To normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, should be excluded from food spicy, salty, fatty foods. In particular, you should abstain from alcohol, sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks, flavored teas, pastries. Preference should be given the same fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, poultry and fish.

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