Getting rid of eye puffiness

Getting rid of eye puffiness
 Eyelid edema may occur for several reasons. Among them, the constant lack of sleep, improper position of the head during sleep, excessive fluid intake, the body's response to a specific product, failure of the kidneys or heart. Sometimes the swelling of the eyelids is hereditary characteristics of an organism.
 The constant appearance of puffiness of eyes at the correct diet and bad habits to get you to go to the doctor. For all other cases, there are several easy ways to freshen up. In mild swelling delicate massage is very good age to be carried out in the morning. He is pat with fingertips around the eyes for two minutes. It also helps tidy massing corners of his eyes. It promotes lymphatic drainage and a significant reduction in swelling eyelids.

Excellent eliminate puffiness ice cubes. Enough of them for a few minutes to apply on closed eyes. They are well stimulate blood circulation, provide a tonic effect. Cubes can be done not only from ordinary water, but also of the herbal infusions, which are made with mint, chamomile, lime, sage and thyme. Just pour a spoonful of herbs cup of boiling water and cook on low heat for 15 minutes. Then strain, pour into special molds for ice and store in the freezer. Express remedy for swelling ready. Decoctions of herbs can do data and conventional lotions.

Naturally, ice cubes and broths should be prepared in advance. If you do not have time, you can completely do two tea bags, chilled in the freezer. Previously they should be dipped in warm water for half a minute, then squeeze out excess water and only then put in the fridge.

Good refreshing and lymphodrainage effect give cold cream or milk. Moisten one of these dairy products cotton balls and place on a swollen eyelids for ten minutes. You can then do a light massage century and your eyes shine. Of milk can be prepared and ice cubes.

Do not forget the fries. Rub it on a fine grater, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids swollen. In potato mush can add chopped parsley or dill. Greens enhance lymphatic drainage effect. Also, you can not rub the potatoes, and chop. Then just apply to closed eyes potato wedges.

Try to disguise puffiness eyes with makeup. Use a concealer for centuries. Edema on the upper eyelid is better to put a dark shadow, and on the bottom - a couple of shades lighter.

There are more radical ways to get rid of eye puffiness, including microcurrent therapy and blepharoplasty century. These procedures should only be experienced in a specialized clinic.

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