Lessons crop: Fats

Lessons crop: Fats
 You, of course, have seen this remarkable plant her friends at home, at work in a huge tub or just on the window at the grocery store. It Fats. She is beautiful, does not look very whimsical, has lush green crown and causes constant envy of friends florists. Still think that it is very difficult for Fats care? Nothing is easier!

Fats - lover of bright places. However, this does not mean that you need to put it on the window sill, the poor thing to roast in the sun from morning to evening. Lighting should be good, but moderate, away from direct sunlight Fats better protected. In general, pay attention to the color of leaves: if they colored - light such plants should be much more if the same-colored - can be placed on a window that is not always in the light.

Now about watering. Need watering frequently, as the leaves of a plant large and actively evaporate moisture. But it is necessary to observe moderation and do not pour. Check humidity earthen coma, and if you feel that it is excessively moistened, do not add more water plant accident - it is harmful to the respiratory root sistemy.No if you accidentally desiccate Fats, it can happen the other problem - the leaves wither and return them to their original state can not be will have no force of nature. The plant continues to live and grow, but all the old leaves will look down, for the edification of you not to forget about watering.

In hot, dry weather and winter leaves Fats need to moisturize from pulvilizatora or rinse with water. Once a month in the summer, you can arrange the plant shower. Generally, larger leaves and dust accumulates on them, and to the plant is not very useful. Therefore, make sure that your Fats was leaving - Wash the leaves and wipe them with a damp cloth. Fats summer must-feed. This should be done every week, alternating mineral and organic fertilizers. Winter feeding is stopped, leaving the plant the opportunity to relax after a strong growth in the summer.

Of this plant pests are usually overwhelmed whitefly, aphids and red spider mite. All of them can be easily removed with a soap solution and cloth. If you feel uneasy, the plant can be treated with a chemical agent against pests. Just getting something like that, read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to the Seller that means you need to use it at home.

If you follow these simple tips, Fats will grow in your apartment. With any plant it is important to find a common language, but in this case it will delight you with its growth, as well as lift your spirits and maybe make a little happier.

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