How to drink champagne

How to drink champagne
 Champagne - a favorite drink for many celebrations, receptions and romantic encounters. For it, there are special glasses in the form of a flute, which help to release bubbles from the liquid and lift up the foam. But there are other subtleties, knowing that you will look great in any society: and on a secular party, and friends.

Imagine yourself in a romantic evening or a big celebration. As a rule, a favorite drink, as used in such festivities - champagne. In this case, the main thing - not to lose face. Here are a few rules for the use of the drink.

If you organize a holiday, do not forget that should serve champagne in an ice bucket at a temperature of the drink from 6 to 9 degrees.

Should not "shoot" out of the bottle, as we have it opened. Champagne - royal drink, it should open with a soft hiss, as instantaneous discharge foam harm the quality of the product.

Glasses for a drink is better to choose off-color or made from softly sparkling crystal that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this drink.

Pour the champagne should be as follows: first the liquid should be at the finger, and then top up the remaining two-thirds.

Champagne glass should be held by the stem in order to maintain the temperature of the drink.

Recommended to drink champagne in small portions, savor, driving while under the tongue champagne. It should not be too much hurry to destroy the entire drink from a glass.

Do not forget about some more rules. Elegant use of this drink can be done with some gestures: consider and vote game bubbles in champagne, inhale its fragrance. Lipstick should be abandoned, since it is composed of some enzymes that can destroy delicate aroma and taste of the drink. Favorite chocolate, by the way, spoils the taste of this noble drink.

And as snacks - choice in this case. With champagne blend well with caviar sandwiches, salads, white meat, game, cheese road. Sweet tooth is recommended to serve fruit and sweet biscuit.

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