Dicentra "heart" flower

Dicentra "heart" flower
 Dicentra is called "broken heart." This flower is no accident so christened. She has a very showy flowers in the shape of a heart with half-open and the bottom of the droplet at the end. It is due to the unusual shape of its flowers Dicentra loved by many florists.

In the gardens of our country most likely spread Lamprocapnos, but there are also other types, such as Dicentra exceptional and beautiful. All these plants are great feel in the middle lane and do not require shelter for the winter.

Lamprocapnos grow and form a lush, flowering shrub with bright pink or white flowers, delicate leaves and delicately curved spike. Blossoms in May.

Dicentra formosa - a small plant (only 30 cm in height). It blooms almost all summer, starting in May.

The smallest - Dicentra exceptional. It is most often used to decorate the alpine. Bloom a little earlier than other species Dicentra pink "hearts."

Propagate by dividing rhizomes can flower. Do this as soon as a plant bud and he will die off shoots and leaves (about August), but you can divide them in the spring. Divide clumps every 3-5 years.

Carefully dig up the rhizome (it is very fragile and can be easily damaged). Lift up and shake off the ground. Then divide the rhizomes apart to each delenki was 2-4 escape. It can and cut into smaller pieces with a knife clean, all slices sprinkle with charcoal, air dry and landed to take root in the garden, which pritenit cover material. Once delenki get stronger, they can be planted to a permanent place.

You can also propagate Dicentra using cuttings, which make at the end of June - early July. This will require the cuttings with a heel, otgrebite little land and cut off the stalks with a sharp knife. Before planting, soak them in rooting stimulator, and then landed in the ground and pour.

The plant is not demanding to care for, but does not like stagnant water, and responds well to make dressings. Before planting, fill the soil humus and two or three times per season Feed the mineral fertilizers, and your "heart" flower will delight you with lush flowering.

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