Wild yam: exotic in your home

Wild yam: exotic in your home
 Wild yam - a rather unusual plant, the family to which it belongs has more than six hundred species. But one of the many species of elephant called Wild yam (Dioscorea elephantipes) or "elephant leg" - a very exotic.
 Its name, according to legend, was in honor of Dioscorea girl in love, and on the other - after the Greek healer Dioscorides. The second version is the most plausible, since this plant is used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, tachycardia, atherosclerosis and even with frequent attacks of epilepsy. From Dioscorea make tinctures, teas and powders.

Yet Dioscorea - is primarily an exotic plant that not only decorate your home, but also attract the attention of your guests. Feature "elephant legs" - its tuber, which is located on the surface and resembles an elephant foot or tortoise shell. From it grow long shoots with bright green leaves.

Despite its exotic, Dioscorea quite taxing, so caring cope even novice gardeners or those who can not for some reason a lot of attention paid to care for plants.

Water the plant as the drying earthen coma, check this by using a wooden stick. In the summer watering should be stopped, but it is necessary to periodically spray it and the surface of the soil to the land is not dried up.

Repot the plant in mid-summer. To do this, use the finished pochvosmesi for cacti. At the bottom of the pot, pour drainage. However, the adult plant should be repotted once every three years. About once a month do feed complex fertilizer for cacti. If your plants turned yellow foliage or opal, it's a sign that he has entered a period of rest.

Propagate by seed yam. They are sown on the soil surface and moisturize with an atomizer, container cover glass or film and put in a warm and sunny place. As soon as the seedlings grow stronger, raspikiruyte them in different pots, and after about a year you grow amazing and wonderful "elephant leg".

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