Wild orchids in your home

Wild orchids in your home
 Pets orchids are very valuable not even because it is unique in its beauty flowers that are diverse shades, but also because of their flowering period is necessary for the winter, many colors that are not typical. Besides, they can reach the whole flowering months, while other plants, such as colors fall within a few days.

Orchid care that should be more careful than other domestic flowers, very demanding. They should be in a room with high humidity. Dusty and dry air will cause the flower simply wither, and not having time to dissolve their gorgeous flowers.

Orchids need light constantly. About 15 hours a day, these flowers should be filled with the warmth of the sun. Therefore, in the winter time, it should take care of artificial light. For good growth of the flower also need to constantly ventilate the room.

There are many species of orchids. One of the most beautiful - phalaenopsis orchid. People often called "butterfly orchids." Flowers plants can have different shapes, size and color. Flower size can be up to 8 cm in diameter. Orchid phalaenopsis, in turn, is divided into two subspecies - a miniature and standard. When blooming orchids standard, their height can reach 1 meter. Miniature - not more than 30 cm.

If you take care of it for orchids, the flower will grow for 7 years. Phalaenopsis Orchid also great adapts to artificial lighting. But falling off the buds can be easily triggered by lowering the temperature in the room. Ideal if the temperature does not drop below 16 degrees. It is advisable to permanent water sprinkling petals phalaenopsis. Repot the orchid should be twice a year, not more. To do this initially to get rough, loose substrate. When transplanting, be extremely careful, the main thing - not to damage the roots, which are particularly fragile.

Falenolepsisov reproduction occurs by means of so-called "kids" that appear on the stems of flowers. In a separate pot can be transplanted germinated roots that reached 5 cm.

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