Violets: Beauty on the windowsill all year round

Violets: Beauty on the windowsill all year round
 Violets - one of the most beautiful varieties of this plant, which can please their colors throughout the year. However, this is possible only under certain rules of caring for potted flower, which has its own specifics.
 Otherwise, violets, care that requires skill, referred to as African violets. Their flowers can have a variety of colors, from white to completely multicolored, with splashes and stripes of other colors. The shape of the flowers is also quite distinctive, the petals can be plush or fringed.

The plant likes moderate temperatures, as at too low it stops growing, while the heat is no longer resets buds and bloom. Direct sunlight can cause burns on the leaves, so it is best to have a pot on the southeast or southwest window sills.

Transplanted violets in the spring, bowls are taken for this not too high, because the root system of the plant surface. The soil can be purchased ready or make your own. For this part of the land taken three and one part of sand and peat.

Flower loves moisture, but can not spray the foliage. Therefore, in the winter can be arranged on the windowsill flat containers with water. Evaporation help maintain normal humidity in the room. Violets are watered as the drying of the soil with warm water. In this case, watering should be carefully without falling on the leaves and the growing point, otherwise you may provoke rotting.

Growing violets no vanity. If you wish, you can grow a bush of a single sheet, if it properly implant. The cut sheet is cut with a knife purchased for 5 minutes in the air is dried and then immersed in water until the formation of roots. When they reach 0.5 cm, leaf perpetuate in moist ground and the top cover transparent plastic bottle or package to get the greenhouse effect. If a plant normally takes root, it will grow with time successfully in a bush.

You can also get another independent plant, if you divide the bush for several outlets at transplanting. Bloom luxuriantly will most one socket in the pot.

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