Puff Pastry Recipe

Puff Pastry Recipe
 Puff pastry long since you can buy in the store. But does it compare with that which you do at home? And pies with meat and cheese sticks, and GIPFEL with strawberry jam from purchased dough does not come out like that.

It so happened that most of baking puff pastry consume Austrians. It is impossible to imagine any one of the Viennese coffee houses, where, along with the cake "Sacher", strudel and other desserts typical of the country was not offered to a 4-5 kinds of baking. The second place is occupied by the French. And in coffee shops and bakeries on the racks flaunt large wicker basket full of freshly sloenok. Third place - for the Germans. Cooks of this nation rectangular baking puff pastry, filling consisting of sliced ​​sausages and potatoes.

To prepare these delicious things at home, you should learn the recipe and technology test. Take 500 g of flour and butter. You will also need water and salt. The trick is that the right approach to the choice of ingredients. Flour have to choose the one that has strong gluten. As with any test, it is imperative to puff its "grip" with the remaining ingredients. Ideally, give preference to flour French or Italian origin. The fact that in these countries is suitable ripening wheat. In regions located to the north, it is usually removed at the stage of technical maturity.

Butter puff pastry should take only natural, cow. Any other not allow ready baked goods to be tender and crispy at the same time. Its fat content must not be lower than 82%, as lower numbers mean that the product contains emulsifying agents, through which the oil is frozen. Puff pastry, as well as other pastries, no matter reacts to them - under the influence of high temperatures emulsifiers behave unpredictably. As for the water, which is part of the test, then it is one requirement - it should be as cold.

Take a large cutting board, sift the flour through a sieve, collect the "house" in the center make a small indentation. Add water, salt. Knead, trying to keep the ingredients evenly mixed. Sformuyte mass of the ball, move into the fridge and leave to cool for about 20 minutes. Roll out the dough square with sides of about 15 cm. Oil chop with a knife, so were quite small pieces. On the middle put chopped butter, fold the envelope, leave for 10 minutes, then roll again. Repeat rolling and subsequent cooling at least 6 times. As a result of these actions pastry puff pastry will light, airy and very tasty.

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