Orchid in the house: the maintenance and care

Orchid in the house: the maintenance and care
 There are more than 30,000 varieties and species of orchids, but only few of them can be grown as houseplants. At the same time, although different types of these colors varied needs care, its basic methods still remain the same.
 Since orchids - subtropical plants, they are very light-requiring and daily need of scattered light, which would have covered them not less than 10 hours. In this regard, in winter they must provide artificial lighting. Orchids and need a special temperature regime - in the summer for their optimum temperature is 20-25oC, and in the winter - not less than 17oC.

There is this flower and special requirements for humidity. Although they require high humidity, but its abundance in the soil of a rhizome rot easily. These plants can not tolerate too much hot air, so the room where they grow, it is often necessary to ventilate, and the plants themselves as often as possible to expose the fresh air, protecting them at the same time from drafts, which can destroy the orchid.

For watering the plants necessary to use water of 20 ° C temperature, avoiding its pouring in rosettes of leaves. In winter, watering orchids is about two times less than in summer. However, since they begin to dry out while the tips of the leaves, to maintain a high humidity necessary to put plants near the water tank. Summer in hot weather to increase the humidity, the plants need daily 1-2 times to spray warm water.

For growing orchids you can buy a special substrate, but is suitable for this purpose and the usual mixture of soil and sand for flowers. To ensure drainage plants can be used foam debris or small stones. For forest orchid pot can be filled with fresh moss and a substrate of pine bark or peat moss and soil. In such a mixture of plants are grown in a large pot, and in the aquarium, but then you need to be regular fertilizing fertilizers with low content of nitrogen.

The plants bloomed well, pots they require small and cramped. It is best if they are set on a tray with moist pebbles.

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