Italian-style garden

Italian-style garden
 Italian style is one of the romantic options for regular gardens. His reticence and refined simplicity, intriguing harmonious blend of art and nature, has found fans among the masters of landscape design around the world. Creating a garden in the Italian style, you will get a great place for a family vacation or a friendly party outdoors.
 During the reign of the Medici has developed a new type of garden, with its stylistic features. With a large number of sculptures, crisp geometric lines, water amusement facilities (fountains, ponds, etc.), shady avenues, specific points (terraces, grottoes, etc.) and other elements. The contrast of green and white marble, dark and light, long time inspired gardeners in many countries, and has remained popular to this day.

To create an Italian-style garden in the central part of Russia, select a sunny site, preferably with a natural bias. This will allow to equip two terraces: the upper for a family tea and bottom with a pond for walks. In another case Construct patio strict geometric shapes and areas of the garden separated by a pergola or trellis. Rest areas are tiled and the place is elegant garden furniture, tubs with citrus, vases of flowers.

Remember that should prevail in the garden green architecture: alleys, hedges, borders cropped. Replace the southern plant cold hardiness counterparts. For example, Olivia - lohom srebristym or sea buckthorn. To use the curbs not boxwood and alpine currant, viburnum ordinary. Norway maple, purple willow, Euonymus alatus suitable for the formation of green balls. As high verticals take: Scots pine, western thuja. Blooming splendor create bushes hydrangea tree, planted on both sides of the aisle or concluded within the borders. Modules in the paving fill European ungulates, violet scented, etc.

This style is not characterized by numerous flower beds with colorful bright colors. However, the diversity of species you can supplement perennials all shades of white, blue and pink. For example, plant lupines, Astrantia, lilies, irises, roses, peonies with nemahrovye branches.

Compulsory component of the Italian garden is water. It may be small ponds rectangular or oval-shaped fountain with sculptures. Around the pond equip benches for resting, place containers with Mediterranean plants: boxwood, laurel, yucca, etc.

Do not forget to decorate the walls of the house and the garden fence. For fencing, select beautiful flowering shrubs: jasmine, different varieties of spirits, Hydrangea arborescens and paniculata, terry almonds. Pattern the house wall climbing roses, ivy, vines, etc.

When you create a garden in the Italian style, do not be afraid to show imagination and then create a unique piece of nature.

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