Homemade olive oil

Homemade olive oil
 The choice of olive oil for this gourmet - the same thing that the choice of good wine. The quality of the label says not only, but also taste, smell and its method of production. The most attractive in this case is currently the home of the olive oil.

Olive oil - one of the most useful vegetable oils. It contains vitamins A, D, E, K and polyunsaturated fatty acids, leading to normal levels of cholesterol. Worldwide, olive oil is used not only for cooking (typically as a salad dressing) but also as a therapeutic and cosmetic. Olive oil is a powerful antioxidant and promotes cell renewal. It helps strengthen bones, muscles and immune system. It also helps to normalize blood pressure, ulcer healing, protects against diabetes and obesity, helps digestion. But this is only the case when it comes to this virgin olive oil.

Oil is manufactured in special mills, in which there is no access of light and oxygen. It is these conditions are consistent with international standards pressed extra virgin. Currently, olive oil does not produce toxic substances during exposure to temperature, and this earned a great popularity all over the world. Oil extra virgin category does not contain fragrances, brighteners and other chemical elements. But here, you can become a victim of marketing tricks - not all the oil on the label which is a sign that guarantees cold pressed meet this promise. But there is a solution - give preference homemade olive oil.

For the main exporter - the Mediterranean, the use of domestic olive oil is commonplace, almost every family produces it for themselves in small quantities. Usually every home production should enforce strict family tradition that provides maximum quality of the final product. Unlike refined and shops, homemade olive oil has a pleasant smell and soft green natural shade. By the number of vitamins and minerals such oil exceeds industry peers. The taste of fresh oil currently tangy, but not bitter. Distinguish this oil can from the usual method of sample - it leaves a pleasant aftertaste, accompanied by a slight numbness of the sky. Compared with the shop home more fragrant oil, fragrant, has a rich flavor and freshness.

Buy this oil should be in glass containers, to be able to assess the quality of the product. But it should be kept in a tin - olive oil quickly deteriorates when exposed to light. Shelf life in the first case will be about six months, and the second - twice.

But do not forget about the "fly in the ointment" in a vat of olive oil - it needs to be consumed in moderation, especially for people with cholelithiasis and supporters of cleansing the liver by "tyubazh." Even a large number of high-quality oil in the diet can harm your health.

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