Garden in Chinese

Garden in Chinese
 For the Chinese, nature is sacred, it is a kind of temple and garden - this is the place where a person perceives the diversity and beauty of nature, bowing to her. Garden in Chinese has its philosophical sense, combining two opposing elements - yin and yang. Here everything is in harmony with nature and man.

The main elements of a Chinese garden are water and stones. Water symbolizes the negative dark feminine yin energy, while the stone - positive light masculine yang energy.

The element of water in the area may be a small pond or stream. Typically, it is disposed in the middle portion. Run into it and the fish plant nymphs or water lilies (in our case they will replace thermophilic lotuses). However, if you are not able to equip the body of water, you can replace it with sand and gravel, with the help of which an imitation of water in dry gardens.

Images of rocks in the garden created using the fancy stones. You can pile up a bunch of boulders without any order. But just look beautiful composition with trees and shrubs. Especially because this is the third symbol of Chinese garden.

Chinese people love the old trees with twisted trunks, exposed roots and twisted branches. Of course, if your site is no ancient trees, to achieve something like this would be difficult. And yet it is impermissible waste of land in the usual six acres. Instead of a large tree, you can do quite a "tree of happiness." This is a weeping willow, plum and peach. By the way, the fruit trees are valued for their fruit, and for a beautiful bloom.

What a garden without flowers! Favorite flower is the peony Chinese, which is the pure embodiment of a positive start yang. However, they prefer to grow a tree-peony, which is somewhat different from our usual. But florist Russia this flower is well known, and it can be easily purchased at any garden store.

Feminine yin symbolizes chrysanthemum. It is also a symbol of longevity and peace. She picks up the peony blooms in August, and your garden will be beautiful from spring to autumn. Also here you can plant irises, rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas. Flowers in a Chinese garden planted fairly dense clumps around the stones on the slopes or near the pond.

House walls, arbors, fence should also be decorated with plants. This can be done with honeysuckle Honeysuckle, Parthenocissus, ivy. Plants will grow rapidly, covering all unsightly places.

Decorate your garden with sculptures of animals. It can be as real, eg, turtles, lions and mythological, for example, dragons. Look beautiful mosaic paintings of fans, colors or other symbols. They can be put directly on the surface of the soil with the help of multi-colored pebbles.

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