Exotic plants on your windowsill

Exotic plants on your windowsill
 Few know that some fruiting exotic plants can grow well on his windowsill at home, placing a bone graft or the tip. Just enough to buy an avocado or pineapple, eat fruit, and what is left - planted in the ground. Unfortunately, grow full fruit is rarely possible, but unusual plant - easily!
 Quite simply and effortlessly you can grow citrus - orange, lemon, tangerine. These plants undemanding to soil and moisture. The main condition of their existence - the heat. Take the bone and put her in a small pot with moist earth. Pre-ground can be mixed with a small quantity of river sand. Pot on top need to cover the plastic bag and put in a warm and bright place. The package must be removed when the leaves appear. In the spring, the plant should be transplanted into a larger pot with fresh soil. If you want to bush was lush citrus plants, it is necessary to periodically pinch the top. We can even make the lemon fruiting if it instill.

One of the rare exotic plants on the windowsill is a Russian pineapple. For planting pineapple to choose a fruit shop, which has a green tip. Top of the need to cut a few centimeters of flesh, and then carefully cut the flesh from the base of the top (if you do not, your seed may rot in the ground, with the result that the plant will die soon. Remove the tops of some of the lower leaves and dip it in a glass of water. Change the water every 2-3 days. When the plant takes root, plant it in a pot with soil intended for growing cacti and orchids. Put the pot on the windowsill to the sun and occasionally watering pineapple. Lack of light in winter when the plant is recommended to illuminate fluorescent lamp. Pineapple is very fond of dressing manure, especially during the growing season. In order to bear fruit plant, it should be sprayed with a solution of stimulating bloom in the warm season.

The most exotic plants for the house is avocado. In order to germinate bone, place it over a glass of water so that its rounded end touching the water surface. You can use two wooden sticks, between which the bone needs to be fixed with the help of plaster. After the appearance of roots bone needs to be planted in a pot with soil. It must be done so that its sharp tip was visible on the surface. Pot with a plant should be placed in a bright place and periodically pour water into the pan (just pour the water into the pot is not necessary). For pomp recommended pinch the top.

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