Exotic agave: particularly care

Exotic agave: particularly care
 Agave cactus - one of the brightest representatives of succulent. In countries with warm climates the plant can reach several meters in diameter. In housing conditions agave grows much smaller, but with proper care may look at least interesting.
 In nature, there are several hundred types differing from each other in size and shape of leaves. Actively cultivated Agave americana, which has green leaves with gray or bluish tint, which may be present yellow or white stripes. A distinctive feature of the agave spines are located at the edges of the leaves. The longest of these is at the very tip. If proper care of agave, the plant can survive for several decades.

The advantage of agave is that it is easy to tolerate direct sunlight. Therefore, this plant thrives on the southern windows.

Agave, care that does not require much effort, loves warm watering. In summer it is watered as the drying of soil, winter enough once a week. In this case, the water must be handled carefully, pouring it into the pan. If liquid gets into the outlet, the plant can begin to rot.

In the summer you can make agave into the air, it feels good in the hot balcony or in the garden, not in vain in the southern cities it adorns many flowerbeds.

Used for planting soil for cacti. Independently can be mixed in proportions of ground one by one with the turf and sand. Transplanted plants as they grow in the spring. If the base of the trunk form additional children, then the transplant can be used for breeding, neatly separated from the main outlet. Cuttings are planted in the ground at once, without waiting for the roots.

Fed agave in the spring and summer. For this fit any mineral or special fertilizer for succulents. Fertilizing paid every 10 days. During the winter - once a month. Newly planted agave plant is not fed until its establishment, usually it takes about a month.

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