Do I need a house plant?

Do I need a house plant?
 Any dull and dreary room is transformed beyond recognition plants - flowering, climbing, hang-downing, decorative. Changing the interior with fresh flowers - a popular type of home decoration. By studying the characteristics of each flower and correctly choosing houseplants for an apartment, you can give yourself a blooming garden and luxurious.

Undoubtedly, it is important to grow those plants at home, from which you will experience the most benefit. Their choice depends on what quality you would like to develop in his character.

Our conservatism camouflage folk beliefs about what is unacceptable to grow certain types of house plants. Popular notion that the representatives of the kingdom of flora can cause harm to humans, created by the people themselves.

Thanks to the work of Vladimir Dal, reached us saying that contain a lot of ominous warnings about what might happen trouble. Only a person who believes in all sorts of signs, not once convinced of their effectiveness. But, still, to some extent signs can be trusted.

For example, the sign of Gemini is the sign of lightness, mobility and impermanence. And plants - ivy, is very suitable to the sign of Gemini. Or, for example, the sign of Taurus is not an easy-going, and if the house will grow ivy, it will undoubtedly affect its host. And this plant over time slightly change its character.

Absolutely every part of the plant, whether the stem, leaf or flower, has a planet that gives the whole flower power. Martian energy exude cacti. A masculine planet Mars has the worst manifestation of which is the formation of craving for alcohol.

Flowering plants help to see the world in a slightly different color. They are pleasing to the eye, exude a pleasant smell. And rumors that the plants can be "strangers" and wrong, it's all speculation and rumors. We just do not always ready to accept of something good and positive.

Occasionally it happens that a man is just not comfortable next to the plant. Then, in this case, it is simply to give. Astrologers symbolize the creative aspirations and love of plants, because they live under the control of the sun. If a person with a developed creative nature grows in the house flowering plants, they will not only decoration in the house, but will also help him to find that same vein.

Giving feeding the imagination and to symbolize the presence of "muse". Only dry, stale and dull person is able to say that the flowers in the house bring something negative and not pleasant, and are a hotbed of dirt. Therefore, it is important to grow up in a house exactly the kinds of plants that each day will be pleasing to the eye, bringing only positive emotions.

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