Dish zen

Dish zen
 Zen - a branch of Buddhism, which preaches for several centuries, Japanese monks. They have their own ethics, aesthetics, meditation techniques, skills, and characteristics of martial arts. We should also mention the dish Zen characterized by simple structure and unique beneficial properties.

Zen dish is rice soup called in Japan, "Gwen May". Complemented by a variety of rice soup with vegetables and tofu (Japanese kind of cottage cheese).

Zen Buddhism permits to eat twice during the day - morning and afternoon. Therefore cooked meal can stretch for 2-3 days, and to the extent necessary to warm it.

The technique of cooking in the style of Zen is simple. It is only important to observe the order and the traditional Japanese approach to its preparation. Need to consume the dish slowly, as if meditation session is not interrupted and continues during breakfast.

Unpolished rice infused in a small amount of clean water for an hour. As the swelling rice added thereto carrots, celery, leeks, turnips. Should be prepared in advance or buy soy sauce and mix Gomaza. Gomaza - a combination of roasted ground sesame seeds and salt.

The finished dish you need to spice sauce or a mixture of rice and bring to the table for breakfast added to the rice miso soup to make a full meal. Miso soup is made from boiling water, miso paste, wakame seaweed, green onions and finely chopped tofu. All these products are now quite common and can be purchased at the store or vegetarian shops selling food diet.

In the end it is worth noting that the dish is in the style of Zen - this is the best proof that the traditional breakfast should not be sweet. In today's world people during the morning meal indulge in sweet confections, but it's only because Confectionery now sufficiently developed in many countries.

For centuries it was thought that breakfast should consist of foods that will fill the body with energy and give strength to the man of the day. A dish of Zen, thanks to its components, is just energy, and most importantly, healthy breakfast.

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