Chlorophytum - a fighter for the purity of the air

Chlorophytum - a fighter for the purity of the air
 Chlorophytum - a wonderful unpretentious but very elegant houseplant, which was easy to care even for beginners in floriculture. However, the most important advantage of Chlorophytum - is its ability to saturate the air with oxygen.
 Most often grown indoors Chlorophytum crested - herbaceous perennial of the lily family. In nature, the plant grows in the tropical forests of America and the humid subtropics of South Africa. Chlorophytum grow on the ground among the grass, as well as in trees, cracks in the trunks and branches.

Florists grown species with striped and green linear leaves, which are collected in the rosette and arch in the side length is 40-50 cm. From the center of the outlet during active growth appear mustache, flower stalks with small white flowers, which are then converted into kids with aerial roots.

Caring for the plant is quite simple, the plant does not require a lot of attention and feeling well in partial shade, and in the light, and in artificial light. Grown as poluampelnogo plants, and it can be placed on the wall in hanging pots, on a stand or on a shelf. Lush plants with numerous mustache-shoots, hung with different ages "baby", incredibly attractive and decorative. Summer Chlorophytum can be taken into the open air, protecting it from the wind and direct sunlight.

Air temperature Chlorophytum should be cool or lukewarm. One of the main advantages of this flower is its ability to grow even in quite cold rooms.

Watering Chlorophytum should be abundant in spring and summer, and in winter - a moderate, there should be no excessive waterlogged soil as thick rhizome plants are able to store water, for this reason peresushka not dangerous, and from excessive waterlogged roots may rot and die Chlorophytum. If indoor air is very dry and quite hot, the plant should be periodically sprayed with boiled water, or arrange him a warm shower. In the period of active growth from spring to autumn it fed a solution of fertilizer for houseplants dekorativnolistvennye twice a month. Winter feeding can stop or reduce to once a month.

For planting, make a loose fertile potting soil of humus and sod land, peat and sand in the ratio 1: 2: 1: 0, 5. At the bottom of the pot put a drain for the access of air to the roots of plants and drain excess water. Young plants should be transplanted annually in the spring in larger pots, as its strong roots quickly fill the entire space. When transplanting roots can be a little trim. Adult bushes need to be updated topsoil to fresh and more fertile.

Chlorophytum propagated by means of dividing the old overgrown bushes or the children, which can be separated from the mother plant and rooting all year round. To do this, they put in the water or just put in the wet ground.

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