Bungevilliya - wave "Tropikanka"

Bungevilliya - wave "Tropikanka"
 Bougainvillea - a low trees or shrubs with creeping stems and clinging. This plant is grown fond of extraordinary beauty, it has a bright bracts that surround a group of three small yellowish-cream flowers. Especially popular are two types: a beautiful and naked.
 Bougainvillea grown as bare room culture, reaching a height of 5 meters. Glossy leaves of the plant are oval. Extraordinary decorative give her bright white pink, purple or purple bracts. The plant blooms in the three months from April to June.

Beautiful bougainvillea reaches ten to fifteen meters in height. Clinging curved spines. Has a rather large leaves (12 cm long). They are dense, hairy, resemble the shape of a heart. Bracts may be red, violet and green-pink. Flowering bougainvillea beautiful long and runs from April to October.

A plant is not so difficult to care for, as it may seem at first glance. To support the use trellis or lattice. During active growth bougainvillea requires abundant watering, but the plant does not like stagnant water. During the summer, fertilize it regularly complex mineral fertilizers.

After each period of flowering half shorten new growth, this method will encourage the plant to form new lateral branches and flower buds. However, do not shorten branches to old wood, as Bougainville almost stops branches.

In winter, put the plant in a cool, bright place (7-10 degrees). After defoliation completely stop watering. Regularly remove fallen leaves. In March bougainvillea move closer to the window that will stimulate its early flowering.

Propagate the plant apical cuttings. Put them in a moist substrate. Put on a pot bag, tie and put in a warm place. Package unleash daily to ventilate mini teplichku after the cuttings take root, remove the package, and the young plants are transplanted to a permanent place.

Bougainvillea planted in pots and hanging baskets that summer brings to the balcony or in the garden. This "Tropikanka" will allow you to create a holiday atmosphere.

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