What to take with you on vacation

What to take with you on vacation
 Finally vacation! You are in joyful anticipation of the upcoming trip and think about how to spend it. But now it is time to collect the suitcases. Vacation means sea, sun, beach, hiking, meeting new friends and, of course, bars, restaurants and cafes. Therefore, pay heed to the selection of things, presenting themselves in certain situations.  

On the beach you will come in handy for two or three pairs of swimsuits, sarongs, wide-light hat or baseball cap light, with a few short tops, slate or ballet flats and, of course, a beach bag.

Travel and hiking further need light thin windbreaker, breeches and more serious shoes (sneakers).

Dinner at the restaurant, usually held in evening dresses, so be sure to grab a beautiful dress and high heels. Naturally, in this case have the appropriate attire jewelry. Small and handy manicure set.

Care should be taken, and the clothes for the flight, it should be simple and convenient, the freedom of movement and not the brand.

There is a list of useful things that always accompany travelers. This hygiene products, sunscreen and sunglasses. They will be particularly relevant for families.

Should also be said about the medicine cabinet. In his miniaptechku first place those drugs that you regularly take. As well as headache tablets and motion sickness remedies for indigestion. Useful and bactericidal plaster (for cuts and abrasions, often accompanied by hiking).

As a rule, when the vacation you want to share with friends and acquaintances impressions. There can be very useful suit you made photos and videos, so do not forget to put a suitcase camera or camcorder.

If the family is large, it is useful and then, and more. Appliances must be in bags or special handbag. Do not forget to pack the charger. Preferably before the trip to purchase additional memory cards for digital cameras, as the holiday they quickly filled. Buy at resorts these devices will be less profitable. Check the operation of the camera batteries and replace them with a fast discharge. It will save your nerves and allow not miss the exciting moments of relaxation.

It is now not uncommon to meet on vacation people using handheld electronic translators. These devices make it easier to communicate with foreigners and will allow you to accurately express your questions and comments. Most models support instant voice translation. In addition, a translator will help you better learn the language.

Special attention is given the choice of suitcases. If you know that they themselves will wear them, the options with rollers and a retractable handle - the best option. Many models are equipped with luggage combination lock and double clasps that will add you confidence in the safety of things.

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