Italy: love at first sight

Italy: love at first sight
 Italy is regarded as a romantic city, a center of religious Catholic world, led by the Pope, the mafia of Sicily and as one of the world's fashion centers. In this country, the tourist can find rest for every taste: you can visit the mountains, relax on the sea, or simply stroll through the city, enjoying the architecture and the hospitality of the Italians.
 For a romantic mood and feeling of fairy tales, of course, need to go to Venice. This unique city is composed of many islands, which are interconnected by bridges, canals and small embankments. Feeling of unreality occurs when directly in front of you, seemingly out of the water, grow houses of locals and magnificent creations bygone architects. In the evening, by the light of lanterns, a ride through the city on a gondola on the water channel.

Ancient history and modern life are concentrated in Italy Rome, the capital of the country. Rome keeps the architectural treasures created many centuries ago. Surprisingly narrow streets make a lot of interesting things for those who do not want to see the tourist life of Italians. Be sure to visit in a separate part of the city - the Vatican, which is a small but very influential in the state. Here you can touch the religious sites and treasures of art that have survived. Believe me, the experience worth the time spent in a long line of tourists.

To return to the past of this country, go to the city of Naples. Not far beyond is the famous volcano Vesuvius and the remains of Pompeii. Open Air Museum you can stroll the ancient streets and see many artifacts that have been found by archaeologists during excavations. Then move to the Bay of Naples, enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe in the clean sea air. Atmosphere and pace of life Neapolitans relatively quiet and measured compared to the big cities, so that you can perfectly relax.

From Naples ferry to Sicily. This island is very hospitable and diverse. Here you will find any kind of beaches: black sand, white sand, pebble beaches and beaches with huge boulders. Sicily - the perfect place for diving, marine flora and fauna can compete with coral reefs with its bright colors and variety. The sea is very clean and clear. On land you will find: a huge amusement park - Etnalend in which there is a lesson for all family members; picturesque towns high above sea level to rise to that need by cable car; and, of course, a great Italian food.

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