Five of the most mysterious places in Russia

Five of the most mysterious places in Russia
 People are always attributed to some places unusual properties. Previously, they were called "curse" or "saints". Today they are known as "abnormal." These mysterious places quite a lot in the world, there are in Russia.
 One of them - it Medveditskaya ridge on the border of the Volgograd and Saratov regions. It consists of a chain of undulating mountains height of 200-400 m. The strange zone on the Bear - Devil's Lake. Here constantly monitor fireballs.

The trees can be found burn marks, which are the points of intersection of their trajectories. However, victims of lightning are not only trees. In 1990 there burned alive shepherd crouching rest on a bundle of hay. Apparently, the cause of fire was the mysterious underground discharge.

The most likely version of the origin of this anomalous zone is the assumption of the presence here of different physical fields affecting the material objects.

Another mysterious place is located in the village of IPB Kishertsky district of the Perm region. There often appear UFO wide variety of forms and other strange body. Some residents saw a huge black shapes, and even join with them in telepathic contact.

Ufologists believe that aliens visited by here. Scientists also believe that the cause of the magnetic radiations that affect the operation of instruments and the human psyche are Demidov mines that once existed in the area.

The third point is the mysterious Ural fortress Arkaim near Chelyabinsk. Archaeologists have discovered the remains of mines, smelting furnaces, plumbing. It is still a mystery who built this ancient city, and why the people abandoned him and set fire to 4,000 years ago.

Visited the fortress argue that there live cast. And members of the research expedition organized in the district Arkaim Reserve concluded that there is geopathic zone.

Next anomalous place Zheltoyar, near the city of Novokhopersk in the east of the Voronezh region. Members of the expedition, who visited here was able to capture on film the phantoms of people and objects from the distant past.

In the photos are viewed by the tents people in uniform, on one of the images visible aircraft of World War II. According to historical records, once the front line here.

In this regard, scientists have started talking about the phenomenon of "memory field" - yet unstudied field of the physical nature, the ability to maintain "fingerprints" of material bodies.

Fifth mysterious place is located in the south of the Yaroslavl region, near the town of Pereslavl, on the shores of Lake Pleshcheeva. There is a boulder of granite gray color. Locals call it Xin-stone. As they say old Russian tradition, the spirit that lives in it grants wishes.

At the beginning of the XVII century church began to struggle with paganism, and the stone was ordered to dig a deep hole. However, a few years later came to the surface of a boulder and looked out of the ground. 150 years later it was decided to lay at the base of the bell tower and drove across the lake in winter. The ice broke, and the stone sank 5-meter depth. Half a century later he "crawled" to the foot of the mountain Yarilin, where he remains to this day.

Theories as to why this happens, a lot. They are both mystical and scientific. But none of them worked out before the end. And certainly it? After all, life would be boring without secrets and mysteries.

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