What Dreams May Come: Vienna

What Dreams May Come: Vienna
 Vienna - one of the jewels of Europe, lying on the banks of the Danube. The city traces its rich history since Roman times. He, like an elegant gift box, filled with architectural treasures, parks, music and culinary delights. Austrian capital combines the spirit of modernity and romantic nostalgia. It looks as if descended from the pages of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Each of her street worthy to be a museum piece. It is a city that awakens dreams!
 Arriving in Vienna for the first time, you should go to Kartnerstrasse. This pedestrian street is always crowded, and to some extent resembles Moscow's Arbat. It is not only the center of tourist life, the heart of the old town, but also one of the main shopping areas of the Austrian capital. Its main attraction - St. Stephen's Cathedral, the walls of which stores one of the greatest authorities in Europe. On the square in front of it, in addition to a huge number of tourists, you can find jugglers, organ grinders and living statues.

Old Town - is the historic center of Vienna, her heart that throbs for many centuries and cherishes its attractions baroque palaces, ancient churches, amazing parks. Leisurely walk through its cobbled winding streets allow not to miss anything and get to know all witnessed turbulent history. The dimensions of the Old Town is small. It surrounds the wide boulevard ring - the Ringstrasse. This street has appeared in the 19th century on the site of the demolished walls of the fortress. Now it is possible to ride on a special tourist tram or a cab - easy carriage. In addition, on the Ringstrasse is the Museum Quarter, which is worth a visit.

Vienna is considered one of the greenest capitals in the world: the lion's share of its territory is occupied by gardens and parks. Particularly noteworthy Prater. In the 16th century it served as a hunting emperors. Now its highlight is a huge ferris wheel, set in the late 19th century. In the west of the city stretches Vienna Woods - his green "light", an area of ​​1,250 square kilometers. On the border it 8 out of 23 districts of the city, and its age is a few thousand years.

On weekends, you can take a promenade on Kettenbryukengasse. Special attention on this street deserves a flea market - a paradise for shopaholics. It works only on Saturdays and crowded Czech glass, porcelain and antique dolls, military things. Bargaining is more than appropriate.

Classical music lovers should definitely visit the home of Mozart, which is located on the street Domgasse. Within its walls, he wrote many of his iconic works, including "The Marriage of Figaro." The Imperial Palace and the Belvedere Gallery also includes a list of sights in Vienna, required for viewing.

Viennese restaurants and cafes have become an integral part of the city and deserve special attention of tourists. Close to the flea market that Kettenbryukengasse, there is a cafe Do-An, where, after exploring the city, you can relax and have a snack in Turkish omelette, apple strudel, fragrant with cinnamon cake and drink a cup of this Viennese Melange - coffee with milk.

Vienna fascinates, excites, dazzles and attracts like a magnet. This city melodious as the music itself. It always want to come back. And this can be seen only once set foot on their land.

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