Valentine's Day. Romantic trips for two

Valentine's Day. Romantic trips for two
 Let some of them cross swords, arguing about whether the Russians needed fashioned Valentine's Day, a real woman knows - there are no bad holidays, is not in the mood. Sometimes to remember what a real romance, worth a mandatory leave not only at home but also abroad. Remind lover, as he promised to put the whole world at your feet, and hint that he was lucky - not necessarily the world to win, simply book a tour. And where - you, so be it, you want it.  

Viva la France!

For fine intellectuals and not less educated satellites suit Week Hotel Villa Monmartre, which is surrounded by the very streets captors director Jean-Paul Jeunet, followed by thousands of fans and his "Amelie". In this area lived Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso and Dali. Hotel Villa Monmartre properly called even apartments and private house, which is dealt two rooms on the top, as it should be "under the roofs of Montmartre." Rooms are decorated with inherent French chic and charm - marble floors, paintings on the walls, art albums on oak tables and numerous shelves. Play Bohemians should not so expensive - about 500 euros for the weekend.

Those who are liking spicy French frivolity, suitable private parties by Swiss entrepreneur Andrew Lorenz. Rented a mysterious castle, a strict dress code, including corsets and silk coats for women, tuxedos for men and Venetian masks for all the guests, and they are going to not more than 70 elected. "Nothing is going to happen, but anything can happen! "- The motto of the upcoming evening. The cost of invitations varies from 1,200 euros.

City Grasse - perfume capital of the world, it was there, since 1724, is the famous factory for the production of perfumes and fragrances - Prodarom. Technologies for creating perfumes - and the mystery of the fixed assets of any company, but at this factory are true masters of their craft ready for you to lift the veil and to devote to trade secrets, as well paid exceptions. On Valentine's Day, you can give each other their own perfume composition composed by you only for your companion.

The good old England

Britain marvelously paradoxical country. Famous for its stiffness, it gives it the world's most romantic heroes - from Mr. Rochester and Heathcliff to the well-known Bond, James Bond. Aspiring around for naturalness and sanity, she leads in the number of family ghosts per unit area. However, that is exactly what is attractive.

Play with the satellite in the "ghost hunters", the eternal boy lurking in every respectable man, just appreciate this exciting adventure. The castle Dudley, which is located in the same city, which was built by the Normans in the 16th century, the Black Monk live a harsh and bloody old widow - Grey Lady. It is for some reason they are considered the most terrible ghosts of England. Paying some 40 euros, you can joined on the team Fright Night. Experienced professionals - mediums and psychics - are dedicated to making this night you will remember for a long time.

Spend a few nights in the castle of Henry VIII - an event that will be enjoyed and mystics and romantics and lovers of English history. If you want to spend Valentine's Day as a knight and his lovely lady, go to Llanthony Secunda Manor in Wales. This is a real Welsh manor house with stone walls, huge fireplaces and fancy utensils. Rent a small room for three days - 900 euros.

Lovers of rural idyll awaits Huntstile Organic Farm - a real farm, where you can live like a hotel. Forest, farmland, lake, food grown on their own garden without the use of any chemical additives and most importantly - peace - is not it, bucolic picture? And the opportunity to learn how to fill a local sausage - a surprisingly useful skill. Day in the rustic, costs about 100 euros.

Italian Holidays

One of the most romantic places on the planet is in Verona - a small house where lived the legendary Juliet. Garden, balcony under which Romeo swore eternal love to his young lover, bronze statue, polished touch thousands of fingers, and far away from all this Shakespearean charm of a small hotel. Il Sogno di Giulietta - Dream Juliet - this hotel is only 11 rooms, is located in a neighboring yard with the famous house of Capulet. At night, when the hype dies down and the museum lockable, you can go to a small garden, look at the stars together, and listen to the echo of the centuries-old:
"- Who showed you the way here?
- She found love "...

If you and your beloved architects, designers, artists or just fond of art - go to Venice and go home studio courses at Orsoni. Secrets of the Venetian mosaics, visit the Basilica of St. Mark, the lessons of Maestro Antonella Gallendo micro-mosaic - you're sure to take home your own masterpiece.

If your partner is not eager to learn, he at the same time, can finish the courses gondoliers. The time it does not take much - some three hours and he not only visited the ancient Venetian factory, which still produce gondolas, but also in practice to master the different techniques correct rowing ways to maintain balance on the gondola and even the basics of etiquette. After graduation he was given a black and white vest. Valentine's Day you'll note in the gondola, control your satellite, under the frivolous Italian song. This can not be forgotten!

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