Tips for tourists. How to choose the right hotel

Tips for tourists. How to choose the right hotel
 The key to a successful trip is the right choice of hotel. It all depends on what type of tour you planned. If you are going to the sea, most of your holiday will take place on the coast. Therefore, you need a beach hotel with a certain set of necessary infrastructure and services. In Europe, the marine leisure has its own nuances. Going on a guided tour or a business trip to the hotel need different requirements.
 Vacation at sea
Going on the coast, it is important to choose a hotel that would be close to the sea and to respond to your idea of ​​a comfortable rest. It is desirable that he was on the front line. Even better is to have its own beach. Explore the infrastructure and the concept of the hotel. If you need a retreat, you should not choose a noisy place. If you are going to relax and have fun in the evening, choose a hotel, where special attention is paid to entertainment events. Going on holiday with children, check if there are in the territory of the water slides, children's clubs and services for child care. Note supply system. Many hotels work on an "all inclusive". If you are not going to leave the territory for a long time, this food is fine you. Find out if the hotel provides animation, whether there is a SPA-center, massage and other health services. If you want to enjoy the sea, day and night, book a room with a sea view.

Keep in mind that beaches in Europe, as a rule, municipal. In addition, European beach hotels differ from Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, etc. In most cases, they have a small area, there is no animation, water slides, discos and a variety of additional services. Therefore, choosing a beach hotel in Europe, guided by its proximity to the center and main attractions.

Sightseeing tour or business trip
Going on a sightseeing tour, first of all need to pay attention to the location of the hotel. If it is in the city center or near to it, all the main attractions will be on you in walking distance. In the hot months it is very important that the room had air conditioning. Before you book, make sure that breakfast is included. Some hotels offer, as an option, only accommodation. This is extremely inconvenient. Early in the morning you can hardly find a café for breakfast.
If you have planned a business trip, choose a hotel that is close to the places you will visit.

Designations supply:
RO - meals not included
BB - breakfast
HB - half board (two meals)
FB - full board (three meals)
AI - All Inclusive
UAI - Ultra All Inclusive

Check in
Checking into the hotel comes from 14:00. You must vacate the room no later than 12:00.

If you have selected a few hotels, but you can not take a final decision in favor of one or the other, read reviews just returned travelers. Pay attention to the important details for you and make your wise choice.

 Author: Masha M

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