Salsa: dance "with a twinkle"

Salsa: dance "with a twinkle"
 Salsa - Latin American dance was born on the island of Cuba, and conquered the whole world. Today, tens of thousands of people moving in his fiery rhythms. Salsa resonates with people of his rhythm, passion and fervor.
 The very name of the dance means "sauce". This is indeed a real sauce - because in this dance bizarrely mixed Cuban, Caribbean, South American and North American rhythms. Even in America, the dance incorporates rhythms and jazz.

Today salsa is danced not only for the soul, it is used as an original and very effective way to maintain good physical shape. Salsa lessons contribute to the development of creative abilities, coordination, self-help, because this dance contains an element of improvisation.

Dancing, you do not just get the opportunity to achieve good physical shape, you open your temperament, will demonstrate their sexuality.

This pair dance, so the choice of partner - an important point for proper mastering the technique of salsa. You learn to understand a man, to obey him, follow his movements. It is very important for the sexual sphere. Thus, the salsa can give you much more than just the ability to move to the music.

A special feature of this dance is a fast paced. It runs on the size of four quarters and has a fairly complex rhythm. And, of course, we must not forget that it is necessary to carry out passionately and emotionally. Restraint is not suitable for this dance.

Steps in salsa - (fast - fast - slow) are performed on four counts. Two main areas of dance - linear and circular. But they are divided into several types. For example, to include a circular salsa - Colombian, Venezuelan and Cuban. A linear - style dance in London, New York, Los Angeles.

South Americans themselves see the reason for the popularity of salsa that because Europeans are trying to learn the Cuban carefree fun. It is no secret that in the hot southern able to be given to the fun with all the fervor and passion of the soul!

And yet - it's dance reveals the remarkable people, helping them to define their properties. Men demonstrate the strength, courage, self-confidence. And women - suppleness, grace and elegance. Men learn to lead, and the ladies - trust them.

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