Rest of the Canary Islands

Rest of the Canary Islands
 Canary Islands - a half thousand kilometers of white beaches, is the crown jewel of Spain. Every year many tourists come here from all over the world, who are attracted by the unique natural landscape together in infrastructure and European service.
 An additional advantage of the islands is that they are located a few hours of air travel from the center of Europe. Local culture is unique because it combines the national characteristics of the European continent, Africa and Asia, so trips to the Canary Islands are in demand.

All the attractions of the Canary Islands can be divided into man-made and created by nature, interested in both varieties.

The most famous in the Canary archipelago island of Tenerife. This little piece of paradise on earth, often referred to as the island of eternal spring. It is here that is the largest volcano in Spain - Teide, at the foot of which stretches National Park, looking particularly impressive because of the whimsical sculptures created by lava.

The special attraction of Tenerife, is also its symbol - a dragon tree. At the height of it reaches 20 meters, and is famous for its bright red resin having medicinal properties. Attract tourists waterfall "Gorge of Hell" is interesting because it is located in the arid south of the island, and the Pyramids of Guimar, date of construction is not known exactly.

But in Tenerife Canary Islands do not end there. In the resort area includes six large islands, including Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and beyond. Each of them has its own unique attractions. Worth seeing the Valley of thousands of palm groves, caves de Los Verdes, national park parrots. Also in the Canaries all the conditions for an exciting shopping experience.

Therefore, everyone can find for himself something interesting, just need to decide what I want to get the rest of it. For example, on Fuerteventura not too developed system of tourist attractions, but here the ideal conditions for windsurfing. Those who want to relax in the Atlantic Coast, you should pay attention to the small island of El Hierro, famous for its deep sea fishing.

Holidays in the Canary Islands may be just a beach or active, for all of them there are all conditions.

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