Our way to the Czech Republic

Our way to the Czech Republic
 Czech Republic - historic gem in the heart of Europe. In this small country has everything your heart desires, starting with its fairytale castles and medieval towns to elegant resorts and scenic national parks. Romantic nature is always happy to come back here again and again.

In the Czech Republic it looks as if you are in dreamland. There are incredibly beautiful nature, and most importantly - it's old town with the castle of the Baroque and Renaissance, Gothic castles, charming streets and squares. If you want you can even arrange in one of these locks her wedding. And in case if you are not going to get married, but has a weakness for suits and evening dresses, go to one of the traditional balls, passing here in the winter.

Balls - an old tradition that has become popular in our age of rapid. To participate in them must dress in evening dress. In the Czech Republic arrange balls not only aristocrats, they are attended by the majority of the population. They are carried out by various organizations as well as schools, you can take part in the cultural program, which includes a demonstration of the Latin American and classical ballroom dancing, raffle and more.

Romance combined with centuries-old historical past, it is thus possible to describe castles and fortresses, preserved in the Czech Republic. In the world there are few countries where you can find them in such large numbers (here of more than 2000), and, in addition, all of these castles are open to visitors. In terms of architecture, in the Czech Republic are represented all periods since the Gothic to the early 20th century.

Many ancient fortress certainly not have survived. In the hills of them were incredibly picturesque ruins, turned today into a great routes for cycling and hiking. Decorated ruins scenery will not leave anyone indifferent.

However, castles and fortresses can not just simply explore the ancient halls. In the Czech Republic in each castle traditionally present accompanying program, which includes performances of fencers and musicians in period costume. You can even be on the medieval fair, if you're lucky. Without a doubt, these programs will make your journey into the past more real.

It is impossible to describe all that you can see in this wonderful and unique country. Visit the Czech Republic and see with his own eyes.

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