Now in Thailand! New Year under a palm tree

Now in Thailand! New Year under a palm tree
 Despite the fact that the official New Year Thais April 13, and in general they are lovers celebrate this holiday, at least three times a year, go to the end of December in Thailand is still worth it. It is in favor of Russian here celebrate the New Year on the night of the 31st to the 1st with not a smaller scale than in Russia. So fun and chimes at 12 o'clock at night you provided. Only have to drive a dance around trees, rather than the traditional Christmas trees.
 Celebration, held in an exotic country (that is, instead of snow drifts warm sand, palm trees instead), seasoned travelers say will change your idea of ​​celebrating the New Year.

Here you will find the New Year night discos and bars, traditional feasts and celebrations, the crowds in the streets and a lot of fireworks. By the way, the Thais - fans of pyrotechnics, because they believe that the sounds of explosions scare away evil spirits. Therefore, the full flavor of the Russian New Year's party will be met by 100%.

However, since you are in Asia, so exotic, you can choose different way to celebrate the New Year. After the feast - it's not as fun as, for example, walking on the sea on New Year's (!) Night skiing windsurfing and swimming in the sea. Or you can just bring your food, champagne, devices for two or a family with children and just meet at midnight, sitting in the sand on the beach.

Also in Thailand in the European New Year (ie, the one that comes January 1) made to open specialized fairs. Here you can find a lot of unusual things and souvenirs that you can easily buy both themselves and a gift to their friends and relatives. Since the fair is called Christmas, the little things on it and sell special - it's Chinese New Year symbols, home decorations and home of the trees, as well as other souvenirs associated with this holiday.

If you have relatives or friends in Thailand, then you can safely go to visit them first of January. Since the Thai New Year - this is also a family event where everyone comes together to congratulate and give gifts.

In general, the holiday get enough bright, original and fun. The only fly in the ointment in the ointment of New Year celebrations in Thailand - the price of the tour. Cost varies rest within US $ 3,000. Moreover, as a rule, this amount is calculated for one person.

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