New creativity: ideas for pradnika

New creativity: ideas for pradnika
 Ridiculous in the New Year holidays just passively contemplate the embodiment of creative ideas of others. Much more interesting is encouraged to participate in this process and of itself. And let your imagination in these magical days nothing limits.
 First of all, avoid repetitions. Do not try to hold on to the Christmas and New Year exact copy of those events where you have visited in the past year from the neighbors. Another thing - the ideas of the past, has long ceased to be trite, hackneyed. Many of them deserve revival, especially as the retro style is in vogue today.

Christmas is a great idea to hold the event, today almost forgotten - the masquerade. But do not buy ready-made accessories for this - it's like to put on a festive table dishes from the semis. Also, do not limit masks - costumes fabricate it! And not only animals, but also, for example, the fairy-tale characters - of course, only good and always smiling.

Or maybe you prefer the focus? No, you will not watch them, and to show it. Do not be afraid, it's much easier than you think - of course, if you know the secret of focus, and its guests can not tell. Performs some simple tricks can be mastered in just one hour, but better, of course, to devote more time rehearsing to bring the show to focus automatism. When it comes time to show it, the margin for error you will not. Some of the tricks you can perform with your spouse and children. The main thing is to choose from such tricks, so that they are safe. So no candles, swords and the like.

Run in the New Year period fireworks - banal, and too unsafe. What if instead of fire to arrange fireworks from the water? Of course, in the afternoon. Buy a bottle of "Coca-Cola" (or similar drink) and packaging "Mentos". All candy tie with string. Set the bottle upright and attach it snow away from the curb, remove the lid, then drop your all into it right away candy. Immediately get away from the "rocket launcher", to avoid the fountain. Then do not forget to clean up after themselves. In the evening, you can start a reusable fireworks without fire. Special packages for its launch on sale in the gift shop. This kit consists of a lightweight LED flashlight and a slingshot to launch it into the air.

Decorate a Christmas tree at home can also be unusual. For example, only antique or just homemade toys. To the construction of the second can attract children. Do not forget that you need to not only decorate the Christmas tree. Walls and furniture around it also need a festive decoration - for example, colorful drawings. Can be arranged so that in general all the rooms of the apartment - up to the bathroom.

And what to cook for the holidays? Normally select one of two options: either turkey or "that which is necessary in this year on the eastern horoscope." As corny as both! Do not limit yourself, cook that tells a fantasy, the main thing that it was useful and tasty.

At the banquet table can hold the game with a phantom. In the story, they may resemble the famous game show: "Bluff Club", "A hundred to one" or even "What? Where? When? ". Just do not "Field of Dreams", for the same will be too corny. By the way, who said that the gifts should be just under the tree? They can be in a game prizes. The main pre-arrange things so that everyone will win exactly what he was supposed to.

But do not forget about the main thing: the preparation of Christmas events can not be nervous, rush, as is often the case. Joy in this period should bring all - not only the celebration, but all preparations for it.

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