Melody forgotten milongas

Melody forgotten milongas
 Milonga dance began with Latin American songs lyrical content and a certain rhythm. These works have become especially popular in the late 19th century. A little later came the dance itself, characterized by a high rate of tango. He was loved in the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and danced in the street. In the early 20th century tango milonga merged with and became its kind.  
 "Milonga" can have two meanings. In one of the interpretations - a dance of Argentine and African descent. It also combines and Spanish Habanera that all together is the "progenitor" of Argentine tango. In technique faster milonga tango, it is written in 4/4 or 2/4 cycle. This dance is happy and cheerful.

There are several varieties predecessor tango milonga, a fox, a fairly simple technique is only one step in the cycle; and milonga-Traspie more sophisticated style, in which there is a large number of accelerations, broken steps, and much more. Characterized Traspie methods that are executed on the double speed or quad with respect to the rhythm of music.

In another meaning of the word "milonga" - a place where people can have fun and relax, dancing the tango, milonga, tango-waltz and more. This club has its own specific features. Music is played on a tandem, which includes three or four dance. One unit (Tando) contains the same style and music artist.

After three or four series begins break - Cortina (Curtain), at this point, not only plays tango music. After the curtain gentleman invites a lady tandem. In some institutions considered rude if the gentleman danced only half of the series. Types of invitations to Tando few. The most simple - come to lend a hand to invite or verbally.

The traditional version of the invitation more interesting. Cavalier should catch the eye of potential dance partner. Nod means consent, refusal designated to look away. In some clubs allowed only a way of inviting, the use of a simple criticism. If the lady thanked the partner, so she refuses to dance with him the next series.

In the milonga partner can never look into the eyes of your partner. It is believed that this you respect each other's right to privacy, because you can never meet. Men usually looks at the dance floor, and the girl - a. Partner with tact, shows a woman, and not yourself.

This tanguero never invite women who had come with another dancer. But if her beau walked away with another lady on a tandem, it opens the way for the rest of the dancers.

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