Holidays in Norway

Holidays in Norway
 Norway - a real gem of the Northern Sea. People tired of the sometimes monotonous rest in the hot beaches and the warm sea, dream to dive into the charm and romance of the severe nature of the north. Norway - a country established for this purpose. Admire the magnificent scenery is endless. Cliffs and fjords, waterfalls with clear water, excellent environment - that is famous for this land.

Nature - the main attraction of Norway. It seems that there is, in the north, can be such a surprise? A lot of things. Surprisingly diverse nature - landscapes in the south alone, and in the north is a completely other. Many tourists going to Norway, come back here again and again, because these places are really able to catch the quick.

Nice and clean lake as if created for fishing. The catch is often rich, good fish and the environment in the country is such that fear for their health, tasted freshly caught prey, there is not the slightest reason. Water sports also thrive in Norway, as the space for them is quite wide - it has lots of rivers and lakes.

Norwegian folk traditions - a topic for another discussion. Strong, brave and good people were able to create everything for comfortable living in such difficult natural conditions, but kept their interesting traditions.

The main attraction of Norway, to see that attracts people from all over the world - it's fjords. Like them a natural phenomenon does not exist in any other country. What is it, fjords? It is formed in the middle of the rocks during the time of the Ice Age bays, which appeared due to the fact that the glaciers began to melt and move. In all fjords water painted in different colors by nature. It bays where splashing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They are quite deep cut into the terrain of land on top of the highest cliffs hanging vertically, from which the water falls from a great height of the jet of water - crystal clear waterfalls.

On the outskirts of the rocks are located settlements, shelter among the majestic fjords, and this contrast huge and majestic terrain, created by nature and the quiet tranquility built man makes small houses especially cozy in the eyes of tourists. Painting is able to charm his inner harmony. The Vikings and the harsh northern seafarers - stories about them as if alive, when you're in this amazing country.

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