Gastronomic Tours: Travel Gourmet

Gastronomic Tours: Travel Gourmet
 Ways of knowing - inscrutable. Someone to really get to know the country have to live in it year, someone - visit museums, someone - fall in love with a local resident, and someone will have to try a different culture to the taste and feel the fragrance, rasprobovat nuances of food and beverages taste. Travelling Gourmet pass along the same routes as that of other tourists, but they are not interested in the catacombs, and wine cellars, not craft fairs and markets generous, not five-star hotels and restaurants, a Michelin-starred.  

"It's fair colors"

The most popular tours - excursions. And gastrotury no exception. Only instead of art galleries and craft shops gourmets prefer to go to wineries, small household farms, dairies and dairy. It was there that not only show and tell, as do one or the other specialties - vyalyat ham, olive oil, crushed, fermented wine, but will bite, sip, lick their most recent natural, explaining in detail the slightest nuances of taste, color, smell. Of such trips a real gourmet connoisseur returns as crushed, dried, pressed, decanted, ready for hours to discuss shades of olive oil and honey density sherry. "Production" tours usually take place in the autumn, at the time of harvest.
Trips to gastronomic festivals - seasonal entertainment. In the autumn of gourmet eating oysters and smoked salmon under the dark Guinness, Ireland, drink beer during the Oktoberfest in Munich, welcome wine - Beaujolais Nouveau - in France. In November, only manage to move from country to country. A Greek Crete to drink vodka - brandy tasting in France Chablis and Beaujolais, and in Spain already shiny side of olives and olive oil flowing river, Italian bruschetta laid on fresh homemade sausage and bottled wine. Elite festival whiskey lovers - Whiskyship in Switzerland - a worthy finale this autumn symphony of taste. Spring meets delis Tea Festival in Shanghai, strong beer festival in Munich, the Germans poured famous Moselle wines under shkrut and sausages, as the Italians invited to artichokes and scallops.

Tourism for the squirrels - a trip to the many fairs and exhibitions. Here we can all rasprobovat all ponadkusat and then take home not only unprecedented delicacies, but also simple hearty delicious food - the pride of the neighboring farmers. Driven gourmets with fairs of poultry liver pate, aged ham, various sausages, wine, cider, beer, honey, butter, cheese - just not listed! And the products are not only fresh, but at prices far below the shop.

And if in Europe?

Choosing a country in which he will leave, not gourmet reading guidebooks and cookbooks. And most of them, in the original, written in French or Italian. These two countries - the alpha and omega of gastronomic tourism. But in the culinary primer there are other letters. For example, the United Kingdom, long considered the country a hearty, unpretentious but, over the last decade gave the world such famous chefs like Jamie Oliver most charming populist, foul-mouthed and kicker, as well as part-time genius chef Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal mysterious. "Fat Duck", "child" Blumenthal - a unique restaurant, the cradle of so fashionable now "molecular" food.

East - a delicate matter?

In the East, gourmet, first of all, choose the purpose of his trip to China. At least for the purpose of one country to cover just four dissimilar cuisine - Beijing, Sichuan, Cantonese and Shanghai cuisine. "Any animal whose back is turned to the sky, you can eat" - speak Cantonese chefs and their cooking is not for the faint of heart. Those who want to prefer the familiar exotic China spicy sweet Turkey, where some names - baklava, Turkish delight, halva, sherbet - the sweetest honey.

This exotic

But surprise gourmet becoming increasingly difficult - after all, they tried something visited everywhere. And so, when it would seem, there is nothing to be surprised gourmet turns its attention to what is nearby - Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Lithuania and other countries of the former USSR kitchen open to jaded, in every sense, a traveler in its entirety original traditions enticing pilaf, dolma, samsa and, recalling that in Russian cuisine and there is much that is worth a try. Go for Pozharsky cutlets in Torzhok no less exciting than frog legs, which tastes the way, the same chicken, France.

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