Relax on the glory: how to get rid of fatigue

Relax on the glory: how to get rid of fatigue
 Chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of sleep and constant pereutomlyaemost become mundane things in the lives of many people. Learning to work well - not such a problem, compared with an inability to properly relax.  
 Change activity

Commonplace tips on how to change an activity are still working. If you - the seller in the shop and all day on the move, the best rest for you will lie on the couch with a book or a TV remote control. But office workers sitting at the computer for hours, would not prevent a good jog or walk in the park.

Give up alcohol and overeating

It would seem that what could be better than a glass of delicious cocktail or wine to clear the accumulated fatigue of the day. Alcohol actually gives vivacity, but only for a while. And the next day you will feel even more fatigue. After all, your body will have to spend a lot of energy on the elimination of alcohol from the body. The same applies to the abundant, fatty foods. The more you eat the night cakes, the worse it will be a dream and the harder it will be the focus of bed in the morning.

Go for new experiences

New experience positive emotions allow for a few days in advance. Do not refuse offers of friends to go to an interesting spectacle to go on a picnic or take a little trip. A change of scenery in good company eliminates the feeling of routine and fatigue.

Do not listen to bad news

Do not let the bad news spoil your mood. If you are too sensitive, and a message on the next plane crash does not give you sleep until the morning, give up watching the news and reading the criminal news in the newspapers. Follow the example of the Transfiguration professor who has not read Soviet newspapers.

Get enough sleep

If you do not get enough sleep for several days, to gain strength will not help you any travel or walk, or good news. Need to sleep as much as your body requires. If you only have six hours to complete relaxation - wonderful. But if not nine-hour sleep you feel overwhelmed, sacrifice favorite evening TV series and go to bed as early as possible.

Learn to control your emotions and you will be able to manage your life, work and play as much as you see fit. Everyone has the right to rest. Your task is to exercise this right as can be better and more efficiently.

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