The causes of infertility in women

 The joy of children's eyes, contagious laughter, parental care and much more - this is not a complete list of creature comforts that are not experienced by people suffering from infertility. Infertility is a very sore topic of modern society. According to the statistics of infertile marriages in Russia is 25% of the total number of families and abroad all 45%. But do not be upset, because you can have a baby with the help of modern methods of fertilization or infertility treatment. Only a small portion of people do not have this possibility due to the prolonged serious illness or injury.

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But what is infertility, and what its causes? The answers to these short but very important to many questions. If a woman over the years is a regular sex life without contraception, and during this period no pregnancy occurs, then there is reason to worry. Perhaps you are infertile? These statistics indicate that female infertility occurs in 30-40% of cases of marriages that can not to have children.

Pregnant women is complex and multifaceted concept. Female body has to produce full egg and promote their fertility, as well as positively contribute to the normal course of pregnancy and timely delivery. The failure of one of these factors can lead to possible infertility.

Female infertility divided into two categories: primary (the woman does not become pregnant) and secondary (pregnancy from conception, but not according to the final result).

The most basiccause of female infertility is an endocrine (hormonal disorders based) form. This manifests itself in violation of the functionality of the ovaries, which contributes to their maturation and premature termination of pregnancy very early. The causes of this form of infertility are those diseases: polycystic (ovarian disease), as well as diseases of the line endocrinology - the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. This is due to high or too low levels of certain hormones in the blood of the egg, which contributes to its maturation is not correct, and sometimes the formation of cysts. Hormone deficiency - progesterone can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. Regular checking of blood pregnancy can control the amount of hormones in a woman's body.

The second and equally important form of infertility is tubal infertility peretonialnoe. Characteristic features of this form are obstruction or complete absence of the fallopian tubes, adhesions in the field of ex-inflammatory processes of female genital mutilation, ectopic pregnancy. When the first two cases, the pregnancy just is not possible. If the partial obstruction of the fallopian tubes, the chances of conception is. Diagnosis in these cases is carried out on ultrasonic equipment in the first days of the cycle. The accuracy of tubal patency can be determined hysterosalpingography (HSG) or diagnostic laparoscopy.

The following forms of infertility is a masterbatch, which is congenital or acquired abnormal structure of the uterus. The reasons may be - benign tumors (fibroids, fibroids, polyps and fibroids), malformations of the structure of the uterus, inflammation et al., This form is determined by ultrasound or laparoscopy.

Alsoinfertility can be endometriosis - a disease education on the inner walls of the uterus and related organs cells - the endometrium. The first sign of the disease is abundant acyclic bleeding. It can also occur in a peaceful manner and does not manifest itself. The detection of the illness carried ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.

There is a form of infertility on the immune level, the cause of which may be antibodies that fight penetrated the woman's genitals foreign sperm. It is a reaction of the immune system to unauthorized entry. When inflammation of the cervix number of guard cells increases several times.

Do not forget that the age criterion plays an important role in conception. The older a woman is, the more difficult it pregnant. As a cruel joke played by conceiving environmental performance, the purity of tap water, high heels and more.

Tatiana Skliarenko
Women's magazine JustLady

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