Lessons contraception

Lessons contraception
 Word of contraception came from Latin and literally means "against conception." Afraid of the same untimely pregnancy began much earlier than the word entered the lexicon of modern man. Preferred to avoid pregnancy in different ways. Woman's vagina lubricated infusions based on willow leaf decoctions or pineapple. Safe and using tampons. And they were impregnated as a means of honey and infusion of leaves of acacia and elephant feces. History of contraception known even surgical methods, such as the removal of the cervix with a stone knife in the primitive inhabitants of Australia.  

Modern medicine offers a more humane means to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Types of tablets, protecting from conception, there is a huge amount. At the moment, the tablets are considered reasonably safe means of contraception. In addition, they have ceased to be based on high doses of hormones and do not lead to weight gain. The only thing that makes them difficult to use, it is strictly the reception.

Similarly, the method of protection is a ring. It is full of special preparations, which are gradually secreted into the bloodstream and significantly reduce the risk of unexpected conception. However, along with the pill ring has one drawback - it is impossible to use it to avoid venereal disease nature.

Condom handy widespread and almost everyone knows how to use it. The condom is also not only prevents untimely birth, but also protects against sexually transmitted diseases.

There is even the method of hormonal injections, tablets in liquid form for a period of up to 3 months. However, when using these injections sometimes develops in men with prostate cancer. IUD also unsafe, sometimes causing inflammation. A surgical sterilization, though not painful, but for many is a radical solution.

All known means of prevention work is not 100 percent, so the risk of unwanted pregnancy always remains. Yet most couples it does not stop.

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