Contraception without risk to health

Contraception without risk to health
 To prevent unwanted pregnancies a lot of ways that it is advisable to be used in combination to achieve a better result. Any modern means of contraception must be used in strict sequence, and in compliance with all conditions. There are physiological methods of contraception, mechanical and chemical means.

As a rule, in ancient times, the primary means to protect it were physiological characteristics, depending from which it was possible to calculate the most favorable or unfavorable terms for the conception of the fetus. Many now are guided by the menstrual cycle, calculating ovulation period, when there is a high probability the maximum fertilization. This method is ideal only if a regular cycle, and there is no absolute guarantee. Also, the measurement temperature of the vagina can be a good indicator for the fertilization process. For example, the higher the temperature, the lower the chance of pregnancy. But we should remember that this method is not effective in the presence of disease or poor health of women.

The most popular modern contraception - a condom, as they are able to prevent the penetration of semen into the vagina. Considering the simplicity and ease of use, it is advisable to use not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to avoid the occurrence of venereal disease or other sexually transmitted infections by. Women's mechanical means of protection can be considered caps and spirals. The first is a resilient rubber cap, which is installed in the uterus and inhibits movement of spermatozoa in the cervical cancer. Spirals are intrauterine mechanical means, so set a specialist for a certain period of time. IUDs safely protect a woman against pregnancy, but not against infection.

Among the chemical remedies there is a huge list of hormones that have an adverse effect on the mobility and activity of sperm, resulting in fertilization does not occur. The best known variety of suppositories, tablets and gels that must be administered immediately prior to sexual intercourse.

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