Contraception after giving birth

Contraception after giving birth
 Every woman will feel the sweetness of motherhood should be clear about what her body comes to a full recovery after two years of natural childbirth and after three - after cesarean section. Too short a period of time between births often leads to various complications. They relate to the health of not only the mother but also the future of children. Therefore, a woman considering this reading, you need to plan their subsequent pregnancies.

During the first six weeks postpartum activity going back development of sexual organs. They bounce back and take its original shape. During this period, it is recommended to refrain from intimacy. It is desirable to do and to eliminate the risk of infectious complications. Therefore, the question of the concentration becomes relevant after only six weeks after childbirth.

Very popular when choosing a method of contraception was lactational amenorrhea. This method is only suitable for lactating mothers. Its essence lies in the fact that if a child fed breast milk at least 8 times a day, reduces the likelihood of conception to almost zero. With such frequent feeding are certain conditions that contribute to blocking ovulation.

Using this method, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances. Breast-feeding should occur at the first request kid, and his period will be at least 4 hours during the day and 6 hours - at night.

Another rule of thumb here is the lack of a woman's menstrual period. Lactational amenorrhea method is not recommended for six months after birth, even if she did not stop to breastfeed. Considering all aspects, the effectiveness of this method is 98-99%.

For lactating women, there are hormonal preparations that contain only progestin. It is better to eat after six months after childbirth. Since that time, the risk of adverse effects on the health of the child no longer exists.

To include hormonal pills (eg Mikrolyut) to be applied every day at the same time, the injection (Depo-Provera-150) conducted one time in three months, as well as silicone capsule Norplant. These implants containing hormones are administered subcutaneously into the inner part of the arm. The drug is released pulses and ensures the absence of pregnancy in 99 cases, 9% for the past five years.

In the postnatal period as a means of contraception can be used IUD. It is given six weeks after birth, when the sexual organs recovered, and there is a potential health risk grudnichka.

From the onset of sexual activity, you can use condoms, spermicides and other barrier methods. As regards hazardous podschityvaniya menstrual days using a calendar, the method is quite unacceptable.

All of the above methods of contraception are suitable for mothers nursing their baby. If no breastfeeding woman can use all types of contraception that currently exist. These include: sterilization, IUD, combined oral contraceptives, physiological methods and other events. The main thing - they should be used only after consultation with an experienced physician. Always remember that any mom, breastfeeding, which have not yet occurred menstruation, has a real chance of getting pregnant without contraception.

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